Recap: JJT Whispers From The Star 6/26

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 817Gill, Jun 27, 2020.

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    Yo! Didn’t see one for yesterday so thought I’d go ahead and do it as news is slow anyways. Here we go:

    1. We’ve talked a lot about getting Jamal Adams, but what’s the actual cost? JJT sourced Tony Pauline as saying a 1st and La’el Collins was the Jets asking price. This is a non-starter for the team as Collins is on a very reasonable deal and he’s becoming one of the best RT’s in the league. His cap hit the next 2 years; about 4M. No way we trade him or that contract. Collins is one of the leagues best bargains of non-rookie deal QB’s. Also JJ’s ego. He feels he played major a part in a fantastic deal, no way he lets that go. Last reason, the Cowboys will not trade an offensive lineman for a S. Simple as that.

    2. Tony Pauline sourced Jadaveon Clowney as having the Cowboys and Saints as his first two options. JJT says the Cowboys are willing to have him at 7-9M, Clowney has rumored to want up to 20M. Unless he cuts his demand in half, no way the team signs him. Injury history, sack production, and consistency listed as the main reasons the Cowboys and the rest of the league have balked at paying him anywhere near what he’s been asking for.

    3. This whole segment is about the virus so I’ll tread lightly. Basically the rate of change on information with the virus is so fast that the 65-70 hour weeks go on with a lot of uncertainty. The FO is frustrated, not angry, but just working though the ambiguity.

    4. File this away for next week JJT said. He asked team sources, “Give me a couple guys to watch next year”. They gave him 3 guys to look at in camp and going into the season.

    -Chris Westry (a personal favorite): Unique and long athlete (6’4 running a 4.3 at CB). Hasn’t got a chance to play too much and is raw though.

    -Tony Pollard: ‘Nuff Said

    -JJT said this one knowing how some fans would react and said “take it for what’s it’s worth”, but Xavier Woods, who he seemed excited about. Personally, I think all he needs to do is turn those 2-3 missed plays into converted plays and we look at him a lot different. Always been solid PFF wise and is widely seen as an average league starter, but with a coaching change and better front 7 play I think he could take a step.

    That’s it for this week everyone! Full link here btw:
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    Thanks for taking the time to put this together, much appreciated!
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    Thanks for posting. I like Woods, and hope he has a big year.
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    My reactions...
    I really think the Jets understand they aren't getting La'el (or Zack or Tyron) and a #1 for Adams. This is simply the initial demand in what could be a compromise between the teams. The last statement is kind of dumb "the Cowboys will not trade an offensive lineman for a S. Simple as that"...Of course they will. As long as he is not named Zack, Tyron, or La'el. If this deal gets done, I think an offensive lineman (Connor Williams) will be part of the package that goes to the Jets. I'm actually optimistic now. This leak or rumor means the Jets are considering a deal with Dallas since they are targeting certain players.

    Just like with #1 and the Jets, this is a negotiation. Clowney wants $20, the Cowboys want to pay $9. If both parties are interested, it will be a compromise, somewhere around $15. Clowney has a lot of haters/doubters on this board, but his acquisition means this team is all-in and serious (not just lip service) about competing for a title now. His presence in the defense impacts what offenses do and it makes guys around him better. Don't just read box scores, watch the games. Watch what he forces offenses to do. In the end, Clowney probably nets us at least a 4th round compensatory pick in 2022 as well.

    The smartest scientists and doctors in the world have admitted that they aren't quite sure how this all plays out. People are rightfully frustrated but we all have to be patient and diligent
    I really like this kid but I'm just worried that with all of this (all of the sudden) depth at Cornerback, he could be in trouble. I hope they find a way to keep him. I will take him over the mythological Special Team impact that the fan base believes C.J. Goodwin brings. I'm a big potential guy and sometimes that means gambling on talent over a sure thing, albeit a mediocre sure thing.

    Kind of a "no duh" one here. If (when)the Cowboys go with 20 personnel, Pollard is terrifying as the 5th option behind Cooper, Gallup, Lamb, and Zeke. So much potential here. Which team's 5th best defender (in Man) is covering Pollard? And against Zone defenses? Good luck.

    We've been hearing this for years. He's another part of the Front Office hype machine. Kid is a back-up for me. Simple as that. Also, if anyone turned 2-3 missed plays into good plays, they'd be considered better. That's kind of a really dumb statement. If he's missing more than 2-3 plays, why the heck is he out there?

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    2-3 plays from missed plays into converted plays makes the entire LEAGUE, forget one player.

    Does he mean over the whole season?

    IMO if Woods shows anything at all this year we wont be able to match what another team will give him, if he stays status quo I've already drawn his path out of town. Sorry, I think he stinks.

    I'm excited to turn over the CB position with the two draft picks and the FA low level signings, with Al Harris as the coach. Love Al Harris.

    The argument could be made that right there is the key to the entire season for this team.
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    With the current state of the whole season being up in the air do we really go out and sign Clowney?1/2 the season is missed let’s say, do players get a prorated amount of their salary?
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    Drafting Thornhill would have solved alot of problems for us.
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    Thanks for the report, Dude!
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    Imagine being the voice(s) in the room who wanted Thornhill at the time? Last year playing out had to be equally frustrating and vindicating for them.
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    I have been watching Woods since he was a freshman at La Tech, so I know I am biased, but he is absolutely a playmaker. Go read all the crap other teams have been saying about how predictable we have been and how they knew the base coverages, etc. No S in this league would be an All-Pro with a scheme like that. I'd be willing to wager a handsome sum that Woods makes the pro-bowl if we get a full season in this year.
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    Yeah well I havent missed a Cowboys game since 1990, so the SECOND he makes a key play in a key spot, let me know.

    As a blind optimist, I still have hope that Donovan Wilson has a chance, but your boy isnt a starting safety on a team that has designs on winning.

    In fact dont bet on him not losing his job to one of last years bad corners.

    Every Garrett ERA DB on this team is either gone or on serious notice.

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    To add in regards to Clowney: His Win Rate and Double Team rate were elite last season. His season was similar to Lawrence's , which happens sometimes to pass rushers
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    We drafted 2 and signed 1 CB that fits a press man scheme. The churn is in full. Safety position is still in kind of a wait and see state. With alot of draft picks in rounds 3 and 4 next year, I see alot of movement at that time with the S position
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    Thank you for the summary!

    I like Westry too so this is good news IMO.

    But this signals that Awuzie, Jordan and/or Woods are being shopped.

    Cowboys have too many average DBs and/or potential guys on the roster right now.
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    Would "like" more if possible.
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    The front office decided against selecting Thornhill cause they viewed him more as a FS, the same position Woods plays. I'm interested to see how Woods plays in a different defensive scheme. He won't be playing too much single high any longer, but rather covering half the field.
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    Woods will be playing SS because of acquisition of Ha ha Clinton Dix, who can only play FS.

    Both Clinton Dix and Woods are not good tacklers so get ready for an adventure in the middle of our secondary.
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    Thanks for sharing:

    - Just like the Gallup rumors, i believe the Lael Collins rumors are just as media driven than source substances. Collins a left handed southpaw, could be a candidate to move to the left side should soemthing drastic happen to Tyrone Smith via sudden retirement (never know with these back issues)

    - i know Pollard can do as a ball carrier, not known yet as a kick returner, wish he could be trained/groomed as a punt returner, ... and he's still underdeveloped as a receiver (an area Moore failed him in) what will eventually crush me is the more Pollard emerges as a play maker the more he'll eventually become very appeal when his FA time comes .

    - i used to think Westry is too leggy and on a dime change of direction may be too far gone. But i also
    recall Seahawks also having a very enormous size CB in 6'4, 230 lbs. Brandon Browner (yes coached up by K. Richard) one that made the pro bowl too.
    And Browner has not nowhere near the phenomenal 40 time speed that Chris Westry has.
    So it is not totally out of the question. Irony ? both Browner and Westry were undrafted.

    - i've heard that same song and dance about Xavier Woods. i do believe he has INT skills but too many times he did not finish plays, dropped INTs, getting ran over by QBs ( tayson hill) and has a
    tendency to be out of position. Will new coaching and revamped scheme be the difference with him?

    - A 3 sack DE such as Clowney,. just doesn't interest me. Would be the Cowboys be hoping for a Robert Quinn like impact if they'd dare sign him to a 1 year prove it deal ?
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