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Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Broges74, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Broges74

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    A reporter asked Jerry about the extension Jerry signed Rat to and his reply:

    "If I had a legal pad and could show you all the decisions I've made ever, it's not the worst decision I made. "

    No Jerry, it is not but in the top 10 for sure.
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  2. TellerMorrow34

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    It's about the answer I would think you'd expect a person to make in that situation. It always cracks me up that people seem so offended or upset when people answer like this as if they actually expected them to say something different.
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  3. Broges74

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    Not upset. Just found it funny actually. He has made some woosies.
  4. iceman117

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    right up there though, to extend a 29 year old DT for 5 years with 2 years left on his current contract while he already was showing signs of declining does rank right at the top.
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  5. TellerMorrow34

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    Yes he definately has.
  6. adamknite

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    I don't think it's top 10 because well.. Jerry has made some boneheaded decisions before... a lot of them actually. I don't think the Rat extension would have been so bad it it weren't for the fact that we reworked it so soon afterwards too. If it wasn't for the fact that Jerry has made a few other questionable choices with his extensions then I don't think this one would be that bad in the entire scope of things, but it certainly is pretty bad right now.
  7. Bwareinrings94

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    I wonder if Quincy Carter and Dwayne Goodrich are on that list? :)
  8. BAZ

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    I get the impression OP doesn't care for Jerry.
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  9. rocyaice

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    Like I said in another thread if this is a top 10 bad move by Jerry then Jerry has done a SOLID JOB as a GM. Because just off the top I can think of 10 worse moves made by him from 1999 to 2004 alone.
  10. Denim Chicken

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    Interesting that Jerry said that he ‘couldn’t get into the Ratliff injury situation because it had become a legal matter’. Wonder if there is any recourse if proof is found that he just refused to play?
  11. Broges74

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    Yes there is. Jerry could recoup some funds. he also said he had never heard Rat had that bad on an injury until yesterday. Meaning Jerry is in denial or Rat is full of ish
  12. Denim Chicken

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    Well, considering that Rat's agent is saying he could play this year and that he ran the conditioning test, I'm inclined to believe the latter.
  13. Kaiser

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    Its funny how Ratliff went from a team leader to a problem child in no time. I went to an Oxnard training camp in Ratliff's rookie year when he was considered a longshot to make the team. Rat and Kareem Larrimore were stretching a few feet in front of us. Larrimore was "smoking and joking", mugging for the crowd while Ratliff was focused and obviously loving every minute it. I posted about it back then that Ratliff would make the team and Larrimore would wash out - you could tell Rat would work hard and lived for the opportunity. Times change.
  14. stasheroo

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    Sorry, but I'd put this blunder into Jerry's Top 5 Hall of Shame moves.

    Right there with the Galloway and Roy Williams deals.

    No other 'GM' would survive such failures.

    Lucky us.
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  15. Kaiser

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    If there was a stack of medical reports saying Rat was healthy before camp and part of this is just attitude from Rat, his agent (for a lot of reasons) has to say he was injured in camp this year.
  16. visionary

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    actually Ratliff was 30
  17. GimmeTheBall!

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    With any luck, Romo's new contract won't be among the bad decisions. I mean, playoffs-wise.
  18. jobberone

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    I'll admit Jerry has made his share of decisions that didn't turn out well but he's had some that did, too. It's easy to look back and criticize decisions. I don't see any of the usual posters using the retrospectroscope to praise Jerry for his 'good' decisions.

    Some of you constantly harp about Ratliff being 30ish when resigned as if that's old for a DL. In the NFL you have mostly players that play 1-4 years and another group that hangs around longer. Ratliff is in the later group.

    Here are some great DL players and the age at retirement: (I rounded this off based on last year played and year born)

    Joe Greene 35
    Curly Culp 35
    Richard Dent 35
    Carl Eller 37
    Deacon Jones 36
    Bob Lilly 35
    Howie Long 33
    Merlin Olsen 36
    Alan Page 36
    John Randle 36
    Warren Sapp 35
    Randy White 35
    Harvey Martin 33 (cut short addiction and personal problems)
    Charles Haley 35
    Neil Smith 34
    Jason Taylor 36
    Dwight Freeney 36
    Julius Peppers 33*
    Jared Allen 31*
    Chris Doleman 38
    Michael Strahan 36
    Bruce Smith 36

    Sure those are some of the all time greats but it does shoot down the idea that you shouldn't give a contract to a 29-30 year old. Part of the problem here is Jerry has mortgaged the future for the present and has never caught up and that forces the issue too often.

    As usual the reality is more complicated than just he shouldn't do this or that. And for the record I've been on Jerry for many years letting up the last several as things appear to be improved. So Jerry isn't the best manager; just not as stupid as some would believe.
  19. erod

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    Which players on that list got an $18-million (inflation-adjusted) guaranteed contract two years before they were a free agent?
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  20. Kaiser

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    Most of the players on that list from the last 15 - 20 years were top ten draft picks and didn't play for peanuts in their initial contract the way Ratliff did. The extension was a mistake and a big one, but it wasn't the braindead move some are claiming.
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