Kicker injury saves Cowboys

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by 65fastback2plus2, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. 65fastback2plus2

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    It's a good thing their kicker got injured and shanked 3's the small things that keep saving red clapper
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  2. MWH1967

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  3. Gridiron Man

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  4. khiladi

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    Don’t forget the almost pick return for 7 by the DB in the first half that was right in his hands on that awful throw..
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  5. NumOneQB

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    Good thing Maher missed one, too, right? 3 points left on the field helped the Hawks, right?
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  6. ElGatoGrande

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    If he hadn't gotten hurt they wouldn't have gone for it on 4th and 6 and they would have only walked away with three points on that drive,,, so there's that.

    The head coach is appreciative for your lack of support,,,, well, actually he doesn't give a :cool:
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  7. SlammedZero

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    This game can be matched both ways. It's a good thing for them that Austin's return got called back by a penalty. It's a good thing for them that the refs decided not to call PI on that interception.
  8. CowboysWillRise

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    Guy doesn't even watch the games and he comes on here simply to cry. Go away man, we still celebrating.
  9. Pants

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    yup, fat boy Janikowski said to Carroll "hey, Maher missed his, but let me show him what a broken down, close to 50 kicker can do - move over kid, I am waddling thru...."

    brilliant move by garrett to get in Carroll's head :D
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  10. CF74

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    5 dropped balls and multiple overlooked penalties by Seattle saved the Seahawks from getting blown out...
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  11. DakPresgoat

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    It’s not a shank when a kicker misses a 56 yarder. It’s just a miss on a really hard field goal.
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  12. thunderpimp91

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    I think it's pretty easy to argue that Seattle benefitted from that Injury.
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  13. Roadtrip635

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  14. Boyz981

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    You still the babysitter's laptop??
  15. DallasInDC

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    It was more than made up by successfully going for 2 two point conversions which benefited them
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  16. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Yea you won but things happened in the game that resulted in the win.

    Whaddya want Garrett to get out there and tote the rock?
  17. JayFord

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    We just won a playoff game

    I mean when do we celebrate because I been doing the hambone for the past 9 hours
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  18. CATCH17

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    If anything them not having a kicker helped them because it forced them to be more aggressive on their first TD drive.

    Outside of that they were never in a field goal situation.
  19. zrinkill

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    What a stupid thread.
  20. Nav22

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    LOL yeah, those 57 yarders are automatic!

    Maher missed a long one too.

    Aren’t you the same die-hard fan who “hasn’t watched a game in 2 years”?

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