Led Zeppelin debut album

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    Here's a cover band looking for a singer that's as good as they are. Check them out...

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    Nothing makes me feel older than being reminded something so seared in my brain when I first heard it when it first came out is 50 years old. Thanks for the kick in the head. I can't rank the Zeppelin discography. It's like one big pool of euphoric bliss that I soak in every once in a while when I want to escape to a better time. I rarely ever listen to just one Zeppelin song, it just doesn't seem right to be. They are meant to be enjoyed in a binge fashion in random play, only when you have time to do it right. Just my opinion, fellas. Everyone has there own way.
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    Agreed. Like Pink Floyd, listening to just one song is almost a waste of time.
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    There is only one Greatest Rock and roll band in the World and they are on tour this year . They have stood the test of time and out rocked everyone .
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    Longevity doesn't equal greatest
    I assume you are referring to the Rolling Stones
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    When I was a sophomore in high school, I played in a rock band that played a lot of Led Zeppelin. Their songwriting was so great that their songs are a guitar player's candy. Communication Breakdown, Stairway to Heaven, Rock'n'Roll, Black Dog, Immigrant Song, Misty Mountain Hop, The Rain Song -- all of these were songs we played. I miss those days.
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    And they are American!
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    Correct , Greatest is always a matter of taste but when you are still performing and making music after having the musical career that band has had you are certainly in the discussion.

    The Stones had great songs before many bands were formed and long after they broke up
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