Led Zeppelin


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To be honest, I an NOT what anyone would consider a hardcore Zeppelin Fan.

And like a lot or people "Stairway" was my initial introduction to the band.

Generally I find a more visceral connection to their first album than I do to any of the others.
Front to back (album speak) there is not a weak spot or a single moment of diminished interest.

With a catalog as impressive as theirs I do have my favorites scattered throughout
but for a reason I can't explain I always head back the the beginning.


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Famous Drummers On John Bonham

John Bonham. The heartbeat of Led Zeppelin. The hardest-hitting, tightest and potentially most versatile drummer was an absolute powerhouse. From fast drumming on songs like Rock & Roll to Slow, Yet Powerful Blues Drumming on Songs Like Since I've Been Loving You, Bonzo's drumming power was the driving force behind Led Zeppelin's sound. When asked about his bandmate, Jimmy Page said "Some people always wonder why Led Zeppelin didn't continue after Bonzo's death, and the reason will always be clear. No one could ever replace Bonham. He was Led Zeppelin. The heart, soul and power of the band. And no other can fill that hole left by Bonzo. Ladies and Gentlemen, perhaps if not, the greatest drummer of all-time John Bonham was a beast of a drummer. An absolute grizzly bear of a drummer and no one could ever take his spot. In this video, we'll be honoring his legacy and memory as several fellow contemporaries and disciples of Bonham have come together to honor the immortal legacy of John Bonham.