McCarthy is not a good coach

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pokes12, Jan 4, 2021.

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    well, he did win more than one game when the premadonna went down, unlike the clapper.
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    You guys are going to lose it when Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence end up in Jacksonville :laugh:
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    I was open to the hire when it first happened. His first year has resulted in a lot of skepticism from me. The team was flat unprepared, disorganized, and inconsistent across the board for much of the season. They struggled with simple, basic, fundamental football. All of this points to a lack of effective leadership. Blame JJ all you want-- but he is paying MM to steer the ship, and his navigation and direction this year were highly questionable and dubious at times.

    To his credit-- the team played better down the stretch. The last game was a dud as the OP pointed out. I am not a fan of his excuses. I thought he would be more candid and honest as a HC when his team blows it-- but he is defensive and offers up lame-excuses. Not a fan of that at all.

    For me, he gets another year to impact the team and turn this roster into a contender, or he needs to go. This team was supposedly in a "win now" state when he came in. A good HC will have this team in the playoffs next year. He has now evaluated the talent, and will have two drafts and two free agency periods to get some of "his guys" in here. No more Covid excuses. No more injury excuses. Fire Nolan. Fix the D. And if he can't get us to the playoffs next year... cut bait and start over.
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    The entire team didn't show up in the 1st half.
    Dalton showed us who he really is.
    The OL is shot without Martin.
    Questionable play calling in redzone

    This game was not as close as the score would indicate. The Cowboys were outcoached, outplayed and just plain owned by the Giants.

    McCarthy has been a disappointment to say the least and should be on a prove it year in 2021. Win a playoff game or you're done.

    Nolan has to way around that.
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  6. ChronicCowboy

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    His in game, time management skills are awful....worse than Garrett. That’s a huge red flag.
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    ..the problem is, your tired of losing just about every year. So, we want to see someone right this ship ASAP. Its not practical, give MM some time. IF anyone will know, its us cowboy fans.
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    I think it was pretty clear that the sideline management needs work in the offseason. But that's what happens when you hire a new staff in the midst of a pandemic. The team looked unorganized most of the season. MM gets another year, like it or not.
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    Last year, I wanted to go the college route (Meyer, Riley, Rhule).
    When McCarthy was hired I was underwhelmed. But I recognized a change was badly needed.

    Now McCarthy is in Dallas and he needs more of a chance than 1 year. He needs a minimum of 2 more years before a final assessment can be made. The last guy got a decade. MM will get less. As he should.

    He himself needs to make a few changes, starting with a new DC. And how in game decisions are handled.
  10. rnr_honeybadger

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    Sorry if you still lose it over stuff like that then you haven't reached the level of apathy most of us have. Why hate on Jacksonville for the misfortune of this organization having someone like Jerry Jones at the top? I will say good for Jacksonville for choosing competence over comfort.
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  11. CowboyRoy

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    Maybe he wanted to lose? If he did, he is smarter then half the people on here.
  12. cowboyblue22

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    i thought he would be better but he is not very good and Nolan needs to go asap
  13. Mk2_Cowboys

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    Meathead Mike cost us game yesterday,
  14. Future

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    Not challenging that catch was the right call.

    Doubt they overturned that.
  15. jwitten82

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    Not a knee jerk reaction, I didn't want MM because the guy had one of the best qbs in history and only won one Superbowl with him, did people really think he is gonna come to Dallas and win with less talent?
  16. AmericanCowboy

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    I want MM to be successful, but was he awful yesterday.

    I stopped believing the analytics nonsense early. I think it was week 2, when we threw two fades down at the three yard line. Every analytics will tell you it is the worst play to run.
  17. AbeBeta

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    Challenge is on the staff in the booth. McCarthy isn't sitting there with the replay technology at his disposal. Aikman, someone who understands what he's watching, mentioned several times that McCarthy is going to certainly have some conversations with his staff in the booth about the process. He has to rely on their eyes
  18. MMObserver

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    As a longtime observer of Big Mac's coaching, I think it is a tad unfair to say he "stinks" as a head coach.

    Overmatched against top head coaches? Lacking in game management skills (no matter how much "analytics" research he supposedly conducted out in the barn in 2019)? A deer in the headlights when the game is on the line? Uninspiring? Unable to surround himself with quality assistants? Too loyal to his "buds"?

    Sure, all of the above apply to Big Mac.

    However, he has not actually stunk as a head coach, at least record-wise, because he has been surrounded by sufficient talent to hide these, and many other deficiencies, and that knack for being carried by the talent around him likely would have continued in 2020 if Dak had played a full season in the weak NFC East. Remember, Dallas was heavily favored to win the division at the start of the season.

    And no need to apologize for overestimating Big Mac's coaching acumen, as even many less insightful Packer fans deluded themselves into believing he was something other than a never-better-than average coach who had grown too stale and complacent for even Rodgers to carry him any longer when Green Bay went 7-9 in 2017 and 4-7-1 (until he was fired) in 2018.

    Indeed, it is only now, after a previously unknown 1-year Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator has directed GB to back to back 13-3 seasons, that nearly all Packer fans are acknowledging just how mediocre, at best, a head coach Big Mac was in GB and just how far Rodgers carried him despite his mediocrity.
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    Fat Garrett is trash.
  20. Wolfpack

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    It’s all about being comfortable.

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