McCarthy OTA Press Conference

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+1. This really isn't that hard. The number of people trying to come up with an alternative where half the players change position is ridiculous. Also, that line is really good.

The problem comes when Tyron gets injured. Its an easy shift to Tyler / ??? / Biadasz / Martin / Steele but you now have a potentially big issue at LG which is what a lot of people feared.
Farniok looked ok when he played. We have a guy that has played in the league as an option. People are being a bunch of chicken littles.


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This K situation is really ridiculous. Kickers score more than anyone on the team. We need to have a solid one on the team. If some free agent signee can win the job from an established vet then so be it. But it really, really sends a bad signal to the team that they aren't making any kind of investment at this moment.
well it is the jones boys lol.
But from what I gather, they are looking to sign a kicker later on after they have shopped around, for a good cheap kicker lol.
Jones boys are fans, and fans in general dont think much of kickers.

your right though, they score a lot of points thru the season, but no one ,or most dont care till they miss some.


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This moves two players. One from left to right, and one where a position change + a side change is involved.

Seems to me the cleanest and best approach is:

Tyron S - his historic LT position.
Tyler S - the position he started with at camp last year, LG
Biadasz - C
Martin- RG
Steele - RT

The only "change" moves Tyler one slot over, where he started last camp.
So exactly what I said in the next line of the post?