My Draft Grades for NFCE Teams


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I love it. Great sarcasm!

I feel like most of these grades we have seen are just laughable and make just as much sense as your satire post.

Some guy with no inside information about medical issues or character issues, no thought to team need or fit, a guy with immense confirmation bias, usually, a guy that hasn't played or coached even in high school, let alone college or NFL - but hey, he has a laptop and Youtube and he is handing out grades to guys like Will McClay. That is like a 3rd grader giving a grade to a college professor. Just silly, but it gets clicks.


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Was a healthy scratch more than once last year and is likely to be let go this year.

He was the same, stubborn grasp at a "twitchy" 3-Tech that Trysten Hill was. The team was mesmerized by a quick first step, but ignored obvious red flags of awful gap integrity and discipline, as well as dangerously low FBI. This was all leftover from the impression (obsession) they inherited from Rod Marinelli. Mazi is a nice shift in philosophy from that stubborn and outdated thinking.

They drafted similar 3Tech types with early picks in three straight years with Hill (58th in 2019), Gallimore (82nd in 2020), before finally getting it right with Osa Odighizuwa (75th in 2021).

Lamb, Diggs, and Biadasz make that a great overall draft through. Lamb and Diggs were both gifts, since neither was expected to be available at where they were drafted. Biadasz was a win for the scouts and front office, trading two 5th round picks to the hated Eagles to get him at 146.

Hindsight draft:
3(82) Julian Blackmon (Safety, Utah) over Gallimore - 31 games started for the Colts, 3 interceptions
4(123) L'Jarius Sneed (Cornerback, Louisiana Tech) over Reggie Robinson - 38 games started for the Chiefs, 6.5 sacks, 8 interceptions
5(179) Michael Onwenu (Guard, Michigan) over Bradlee Anae - 41 games started for the Patriots
7(231) Terrence Steele (Tackle, Texas Tech) over Ben DiNucci - 40 games started for the Cowboys
^ this is not a criticism of the FO, just a best-case scenario or "what if"
Real draft grades would be relative, not absolute.

All teams have failed picks.

Relative: If a team fails 90% of the time, they're still successful if all other teams fail 95% of the time.