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Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I'd be happy with this.
  2. LatinMind

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    I really think Gregory has turned the page. He had a agent who took the money and ran, the guys he has around him now are there for him whenever he needs them or is feeling a certain way. There was a great espn article on him a few weeks ago.

    Paying under 8mil a season for Gregory would be a godsend.
  3. Blake

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    Not so fast on Moore. I am rather fond of that sadistic, cheshire cat smile of his. Let's prod the mad man for another year to see what bag of tricks he has up his sleeve.
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    way to early to have this long and detailed of an offseason..

    First yes draft or FA FREE safety is tops on my list then a TE..

    id say a lot wrong with this and some will have to wait regardless of what jerry Said like Amari, he is under contract no need to rush a new one, Dak either and for sure Elliott, I mean if I had to choose id extend Elliot early and make Dak wait but we have to wait to see who starts really demanding the early extensions.. ..First Get Tank signed, maybe get a FA TE or draft a TE before a DT, woods and Collins are pretty dang good..

    and taking another QB in the draft when Rush got like 10 snaps and White got zero, why have another guy just riding the bench? Dak doesnt get hurt and we are never ahead or behind enough to put in the backup..they are truly just waste of space LOL

    also 2 WR and 2 OL in short draft, no 1st rounder? we have Gallup and Amari plus developing Brown possibly keep Beas but even if we dont we drafted a WR last yr and hes on IR, im betting he has shot at the slot next yr..
  5. Sandyf

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    Actually hoping you are about 4 weeks to early for this thread but who knows, it is a game by game, week by week playoffs.

    Like the idea of a different OC but Kingsbury would be my choice.

    Like the extension on those guys but betting Elliott gets an extension also.

    Although Earl Thomas or Landon Collins might be guys Dallas goes after, sort of hope not. Like the young guys we have and adding a free safety in the draft might just be a better option.

    Williams will be the starter at LG next year especially after a year in the off season program.

    Draft: Not going to be surprised to see Dallas make several draft day moves.

    Round 2
    Dave Edwards OT Wisconsin (if Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson falls due to any reason, I could see Dallas taking him to rotate with A. Woods.)
    Probably the weakest position is a backup OT that can eventually take over at LT especially with Smith's back problems. Could see Dallas move up if necessary for him.

    Round 3
    Taylor Rapp FS Washington
    The kind of guys Richard will love and could see him used right away. Has a late 2nd to 3rd round grade but we all know drafting ranking now will 100 percent change.

    Round 4
    Davis Sills WR West Virginia
    With Hurns availability in question another big WR and redzone target would be nice.

    Round 4(comp)
    Bryce Love RB Stanford
    Why a RB, because if here might be the BPA and he would add another dimension to the offense.

    Round 5
    C Gardner-Johnson CB/S Florida
    We will take a CB type in the draft and this one could be a nice sleeper.

    Round 7
    Zach Gentry TE Michigan
    Swaim a FA and with Jarwin and Schultz improving plus the coaches like the improvement of Gathers, could see this big target as a late round pick.
  6. JBell

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    5 years, 37 mil for the Steelers second string TE?

    Good thing you’re not in charge.
  7. CouchCoach

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    I am holding you to all of this. Any of this doesn't happen? There will be hell to pay.
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  8. LatinMind

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    lol. i have some info. Early but still info. MY boy who is a coach at fresno state told me Cowboy scouts were all over Keesean Johnson Wr at the las vegas bowl
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  9. Bigdog

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    I hope that Dak does give the Cowboys the Tom Brady treatment. Here is something that the Cowboys should approach Dak about and that is you are the qb of the Dallas Cowboys which is the most popular position of any sport in the world. If we do well so will you with endorsements deals because America likes a winner. If we can't sign our core players because we have to pay you a lot of money than we might not win as many games or Super Bowls. When we win, Dallas is relevant good or bad. Just something to think about.
  10. Verdict

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    I personally believe that he has turned the corner too, but with his past track record I am putting the risk of loss on the player, not the team. I wouldn't give him much guaranteed money - it wouldn't be $8million per year.
  11. Verdict

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    It's WAY too early burn i would be trying to get a WR somewhere in the draft, an OL and a DT.
  12. LatinMind

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    Randy Gregory
    30 tackles 6sacks 2 FF 7tfl 15qb hits

    Demarcus Lawrence
    64 tackles 10.5 sacks 2ff 1int 15tfl 23qb hits

    Gregorys stats come in 14 games playing limited snaps, Lawrence is full time 16 games.

    I understand the Greory past, but thats the past. He's getting tested multiple times a week and hasnt tsted positive. Some of our favorite Cowboys of all time were coke heads. I had the same mind frame as you do as recent as 3 weeks ago. But reading that espn article and reading up on articles on google, i really believe Gregory has changed. And i think the one thats changed him was Jerry. In the article on espn it talks about guys in black suits going to pick Gregory up and draging him back to rehab. In the same article it talks about Jerry most likely being the person who sent them. It also talks about Gregory calling Jerry the night he didnt get drafted in the first round and crying on the phone and telling Jerry to believe in him and draft him.

    HE only has 2 yrs time in as 2016 and 2017 were lost. So he will only be a think a exclusive rights FA in 2020, and a RFA in 2021. So Dallas has control of him for atleast 3 yrs but i just dont see them playing it like that with him.
  13. fansince68

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    Hey Latin. You didn't mention Beasly. Does that mean we let him go?
  14. jsb357

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  15. LatinMind

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    I think he's been gone. Was a decent player with big limitations. He can play one posistion and thats it. He plays it really good tho. But Dallas has been able to find slot WRs easy. they went from Crayton to laurent Robinson, and then to Beasley. Next comes the nect player come next yr. I think Cedrick Wilson will be the next guy. I can see Austin too. If you watch Austin run routes they are really good.
  16. fansince68

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    Austin seems to be made of tissue paper. He's less dependendable than Sean Lee.

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