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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by CowboyJose99, Apr 23, 2020.

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    Finally decided to join after a couple years of just reading threads. Soooooo bored during these difficult times. Cant wait for some football and really excited for the draft tonight. Hope everyone stays safe and GO COWBOYS!!!

    Jacksonville, FL
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    Hello Joe, whaddya know?
    I just got back from a girly show.
    There were bumps and grinds
    And old men with dirty minds
    I spent all the money I could earn
    And can't wait until I can return.

    You should feel special newbie, I rarely greet a newbie with their own poem. And those that came before you are grateful. But they don't know what feeling special is.
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    Welcome to the big show, Jose! May I call you "Jose"? Of course I can, I just called this place the "Big Show".
    If you've been reading threads for two years, your eyes must be tired, but you also must know that we hate when someone introduces himself, then disappears....Please don't do that.
    We can disappear from this thread because we didn't start it, so there's no obligation, but you're stuck replying for at least a month, or you risk being ignored and ridiculed when we see you in gen-pop. (Okay, most of us wouldn't really do that.....Would we?)
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