Next season smells like a disaster

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jan 28, 2020.

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    Fans just can't make up their minds.

    It's all Dak's fault
    It's all Garrett's fault
    It's Zeke's fault
    It's all Marinelli/s fault or Richard's fault or both
    It's the defensive players' faults
    It's Jerry's fault

    We just have a terrible roster with too many holes to fix in one year
    We have crappy retread coaches
    We have too many coaches
    We have too many former head coaches who failed
    We let our strength and conditioning coach go

    We suck because we kept Witten and Lee
    It's karma because we didn't let Romo lead us to the SB after sitting on his injured butt for 2.5 of 3 years
    It's karma because we screwed Dez

    Let's bring back Dez
    Let's make Romo head coach

    Man, my head's been spinning for the past 3 years. If our front office is as confused about what's good and bad as the fans are, we are doomed.
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    Well I’d at least like to see the roster before I join the pessimistic crowd
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    It can’t get worse than 8-8 led by Garrett. Things are already looking up.......
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    In fact, I'd argue we will be quite alright. I think we will come at teams unexpectedly because teams won't know what to expect from McCarthy with us. I'd like to see how this offseason progresses before I throw in the towel. I think we will be quite alright. The coaching staff looks good. I trust Stephen Jones to make the right moves, and i think McCarthy will have input.
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    Ooooh that smell
    Can't you smell that smell
    Ooooh that smell
    The smell of death surrounds some

    Breaking News
    Cowboys withdraw from 2020 season:laugh:
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    That's a false premise that I keep reading. Everyone would love to win a SB with a QB on a rookie contract. Look up how often that has happened in the history of the NFL.....extremely low percentage. Most teams win with veteran leadership. And what if you do win with a QB on his rookie deal? Does that mean you cut a SB QB and get another rookie in order to win again? Of course not, you pay the guy, and you actually expect to get back.
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    Clearly there are multiple assumptions In the OP. But if he's right, then yeah, Dallas will suck.
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    How fast can new coaching turn it around? Evaluate and improve? I already see a team capable of better than 8-8 without them even taking the field or drafting or seeing how free agency plays out. Last year wasn’t good.
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    I thought this Erod guy was respected around here? Guess I've formed a new opinion... :omg:
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    Players were good enough to go 10-7 at least.
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    Watt a minute. There's another thread stating the Cowboys are going to the SB and now this? I am soooooo confused.
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    so a coach that coached a roster with 13 and3 oir 12 and4 talent to 8 and 8 and he is going to new York with a young unknown coach and turn everything around I think I will wait to see what happens first
  16. ShiningStar

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    I love these changes, MM has a lot of work to do, but he seems to be deligating the work load carefully.

    let the coaches coach, let him streamline the parts to make the team better.

    lots to do, lots to do

    next thing up, does FA set up the draft or does the draft set up the rest of FA.

    crucial so i hope they are evaluating the talent, putting new ideas in place and getting ready to execute those ideas.

    Start getting those lists ready, who to replace and with what, thats going to be critical. cant force players into your scheme, doesnt work.

    If we keep Dak, you gotta work around Dak, dont make him what he isnt.

    If its Zeke, your time line is shorter, RBs dont last long.

    Amari, he needs the QB he needs and a better offense. TE based? get the correct TES in there. I love Jarwin, but the team has to come first, so get in the offense that best fits what you want.

    For me, Draft draft draft. lots of evaluting because the combine is not a science. Look for what fits what you want to do, not BPA just because hes awesome. not all players fit all schemes.

    So this is the next critical part.

    Love the new coaching staff. Jerry well freaking done.
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  18. erod

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    Hence, why I say this place will go nuts if the Giants win those two games next year.
  19. Blast From The Past

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    Doom and Gloom. It's over, scrap the season and go watch tiddlywinks instead.
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    meh lol after the garrett years , next season looks GREAT !!

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