NFC East Greatest Superbowl Teams Who Would Win?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jinxx13x, May 21, 2021.

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    I had to look it up, but dallas won in wk 1 23-10 in dallas, then wk 15 dallas was 11-2 and lost to skins in RFK 17-20 .
    So it was similar to what dallas did previous year except dallas had beat them at RFK . Dallas went on to win SB as Wash had the previous year.

    here is something about the dallas 92 defense.
    The Dallas defense (nicknamed "Doomsday II") enjoyed a renaissance, but has never received due credit for its achievements:

    • It was only the third defense since 1980 to hold opponents to fewer than 4,000 yards in a 16-game season. The other defenses to have done it are recognized as two of the greatest of modern era – the 1984 Chicago Bears and the 1991 Philadelphia Eagles.
    • It was the second defense to rank No. 1 in fewest yards yielded without sending a player to the Pro Bowl. The 1983 Cincinnati Bengals, who had a losing record were the first.
    • The defense finished first in the NFL in total defense (245.8 yards-per-game), while the secondary finished the year fifth in passing defense (168.1 yards-per-game).
    • It led the NFL in defense against the rush and fewest first downs allowed. Its league lead in preventing third-down conversions was staggering. Dallas's opponents converted 27.2 percent. The Seattle Seahawks ranked second at 32.6 percent.
    • It set a club record by holding the Seattle Seahawks to 62 yards in a 27–0 victory and closed the season by holding the Chicago Bears to fewer than 100 yards.
    • Super Bowl XXVII saw the Cowboys defense at its best, producing a Super Bowl record 9 turnovers (5 fumbles and 4 interceptions) and even scoring two touchdowns.
    • Four starters were rookies or second year players (Russell Maryland, Robert Jones, Larry Brown and Kevin Smith), and two other joined the team after the preseason (Charles Haley and Thomas Everett).
    • This version of the "Doomsday Defense" had tremendous speed and depth. They were also young, with the age of the starters averaging 25 ½ years.

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    Jerry never has realized how important a good defense is , and that is why he has been a loser all these years.
    That defense was actually more key to winning the SB's than the offense was.
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    Cowboys !!!!
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    Yeah i had a typo it was a mistake
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    i have always found it interesting Mike singletary played his last nfl game at texas stadium and the Cowboys defense was great that day.

    after the loss at rfk, which is one of the wildest games the two have played against each other jimmy went nuts on the plane and the team never lost again.

    that game in Washington should be one of those all time regular season games that gets shown on nfl network...same with the Dallas at rfk game in 91.

    troy aikman actually fumbled on what should have been called a tuck rule in the Dallas endzone, emmitt picked it up and then he fumbled and the skins recovered it for a touchdown. And that crazy play came after a goal line stand by the Dallas defense.

    I miss those games at rfk so much. There was so much energy in the old stadiums.
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    Great thread topic! But it sadly reminds me I was 7 the last time the Cowboys were in an NFC Championship game and now I'm in my mid-thirties with grey in my hair.
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    85 Bears were nearly all defense, and they would not get past Erik Williams, etc. nearly as much as they did against other teams. Cowboys had too many weapons...
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    They scored 456 points while allowing less than 200.
    I'm as big a homer as there is but the 85 bears were the best ever. I hated them , but they were deadly, I'm sure coach Landry would agree.
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    Any team that had to go to soldier field and play that team in those weather conditions were almost certainly going to lose.

    if you can find them watch the two bears playoff games from 85 vs the giants and the Rams. They essentially beat the giants because the wind blew the ball away from Sean landettas drop as he was punting.

    playing the 85 bears in soldier field in 1985 I think would cause any team in history to lose. Trying to pass in the conditions vs that 46 front was ridiculous!
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    I’m with you. 1992 was the most fun because if was the first of that dynasty. But the 93 team was better to me. Started 0-2 without Emmitt but finished 12-2 with one of those being the ice game on thanksgiving.
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    True, but that has little to do with the team itself, which was the premises of the post. Bears' linebackers all around 230 lbs, can you imagine them trying to get past Newton, Williams, even Gesek at 282 lbs? Heck even "skinny" Novacek outweighed their linebackers.

    Problem is, it involves different eras, in 1985 most teams didn't have all or nearly all 300 lb'ers on the o-line, e.g. But again the premises of the article was the 1985 Bears vs. the 1992 Cowboys, so my post stands...
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    the era of the 85 bears and 92 cowboys is very similar.

    you think some weight is going to be the difference in someone slowing down Mike singletary at mlb?

    the cowboys played the broken down version of the 85 bears in 91 at soldier field and it was still a struggle. Those guys on defense seem to be fine.

    I stand on what I said too, nobody in history is going into soldier field in January and beating that 85 bears team.

    besides it was not size that trumped buddy Ryan’s Defense it was scheme. The 49ers found ways to create matchups and exploit that front then everyone started incorporating those west coast schemes into their playbook. I guess they were doing it already at this point is true also.
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    15.6 PPG seriously that seems bad not good ranking 2nd nowadays that bottom 5 stuff..

    really because that pedestrian offensive output at 15.2 even with great defense the deadskins looked like they had both potent offense and defense..

    hate to say it but keep feelings out of it ..91 foreskins take it..

    Football Team
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    The 1991 Cowboys weren't the 1992 Cowboys, no Haley, no Woodson. The team was just coming together, not as good as the 1992 team.

    We aren't going to agree, that's fine....
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    Interesting question. I think we would win that but it would be close. The 1991 Cowboys beat Washington and was close in the lose. Mark Rypien was not a great QB, just had a great season. I think the 1992 Cowboy defense could do to him what they did to Kelly in the SB.

    1986 Giants? I was too young to have seen that team, but I wont discount a team with Parcells st HC and Billicheck as DC. Especially given how young that 1992 team was
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    I take the 1993 Cowboys over the 1992 Cowboys. Started 0-2 due to Emmitt's holdout, and still got home field and destroyed everyone. Woody had a bigger role, Kevin Smith was a year better and no one had an answer for them for more than 30 minutes.

    And I'll take the 1993 Cowboys over any team. 2 deep at every defensive position and unstoppable on offense.
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    Put the early 90's Cowboys up against any SB champion & I would expect them to win. They were that good. No disrespect as there have been some very strong champs but they knew how to wear you down & were physically capable of doing it and they were tough physically & mentally.

    If not for those Cowboy teams, some of those other franchises would have added to their SB trophy cases during those years and be talked about as "dominant" champions.
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    Exactly. The cowboys had the blend of big and fast that has rarely been seen in the NFL.

    The 2000 Ravens would be a much more difficult matchup. But in the end, their offense would struggle to score.

    Both teams would be physically mangled after that game.
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