NFC East Greatest Superbowl Teams Who Would Win?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jinxx13x, May 21, 2021.

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    Spot on. They had no idea how good they were. They beat two HOF QB’s in Young and Kelly as well.
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    Great thread…I would say the ‘92 Cowboys team was the best in NFC East history, but coming in a not so distant second place would be the ‘77 Cowboys SB winners. The ‘92 team was better, and had 4 Hall of famers- Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin, and Charles Haley. But that ‘77 team had 7 hall of famers- Staubach, Dorsett, Rayfield Wright, Drew Pearson, Randy White, Mel Renfro and Cliff Harris.
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    The 92-93 Cowboys were complete teams.....they excelled in offense, defense and special teams.

    Special teams is what separates them from the others, plus they were young and hungry.

    Teams were very good back then, so it wasn't a cakewalk, especially the NFC East. And the best defense during that time didn't even get to a SB (Eagles).
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    They would trash any of the NE teams as well.
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    That 92 Cowboys team is in the conversation for GOAT team and the other 3 are not. Had they won the following year, the debate would not exist with the 70's Steelers and 80's Niners.

    There is also something to be said for the competitive level within the league in each of these decades. To me, the 70's was the best decade with the most teams vying for the trophy. I could make a case that the 70's teams of the Cowboys, Dolphins, Raiders, Steelers and Vikings represented the best the league has ever had for one decade.

    During that run in the 90's, it really came done to the Cowboys, Niners and Bills, that was it. Those Cowboys-Niners faceoff's were magical. The SB's were anti-climatic.
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    Perfectly balanced football team. Could beat you in any style contest. Vastly underrated Defense. The 92 Cowboys-embarrassed teams on 3rd Down on both offense and defense.

    Best team I've ever seen bar none. Terrified of losing. Improved in leaps and bounds every week.

    Once this team shook the jitters in the SB, it had reached it's pinnacle. Few teams ever had the weapons on offense the Bills did to even cause some sealegs for the Cowboys.

    For example:

    The Cowboys would have beaten the 85 Bears by no less than 10 points because the Bears offered little on offense vs Dallas's defense. Payton & Gault would not be enough to get it done- not even close.

    The '89 49ers maybe would take 2 of 5 contests. Nobody else.
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  7. MikeB80

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    the 95 cowboys would not beat any of these teams.
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    I totally agree. They played big boy football. Rough and tough and mean. The OL just destroyed opposing defenses. Seriously I think they would wear out almost any team in history. Even the 85 Bears. The OL would have neutralized that great front 7 the Bears had.
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    Would you believe ESPN actually had a live action tournament for the greatest dynasty in NFL history? It was 60’s Packers, 70’s Steelers, 80’s niners, 90’s Cowboys.

    They took snippets of each team playing the other teams of that era and cut it in a way it looked like they were playing one another. It was really well done, and played out like full length legit football games. I don’t want to spoil who won, but imagine watching a full game of the 90’s Cowboys vs the 70’s steelers. This was who would go on to play the winner of niners Packers:

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    I think we finally agree! Lol
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  11. tunahelper

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    Giants D would be a physical mismatch versus the Dallas OL. For example, NT Burt played at 265 and DE's Marshall @ Martin were 285. Emmitt runs downill all day and our defense would backhand their pedestrian offense.
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    The 71 Cowboys, who laid the wood to future Perfect Season Dolphins, 24-3, and turned the ball over inside the 10. It could have been 30-3.
  13. bigE79

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    Without question,the 92 cowboys were not only the best SB champion out of the east,I consider them the greatest team of all time and that's hard for me to say because I loved the 77 team,that was doomsday 2 at it's finest.
  14. The Fonz

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    The 90's Cowboys were special a once in a life time ...we could have won more than 3
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    With today’s rules lol that 92 cowboys team would thrash all of them. Troy aikman in a pass happy league with his accuracy. My god
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  16. Jinxx13x

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    That was a fun watch thanks for posting lion
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  17. Aerolithe_Lion

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    there’s a followup game too for the crown
  18. jterrell

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    The 1992 Cowboys were among the 4 or 5 best teams in history.
    No NFCE team has really been close.

    86 Giants were one of my faves with LT but that was an old school run the ball team that lacked the Irvin like threat.

    91 WAS was about the big boys up front and the counter trey run game. It was not sustainable.

    17 Eagles were mostly fortunate to have everything come up roses in a year they sold out to go get a title in. Foles was elite in that offense but has been awful everywhere else.
    They mortgaged a lot of capital to reach that peak with excellence on both lines and a deep backfield. But they didn't really have a QB so can't compare with truly elite teams.
  19. MikeB80

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    you must not have seen the 91 Football Team. They scored 485 points, mark rypien essentially was a 60% passer throwing for 3500 yards and 28 touchdowns.

    No Dallas Cowboys offense has ever scored 485 points in a season...the 83,14 and 07 teams came close.

    the Football Team had two great wr in monk and clark.
  20. MikeB80

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    I think you misunderstood. I think the 95 cowboys were not good enough to beat any of those teams on the list except the eagles...the eagles team is nothing special in any respect.

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