News: No excuses left in make-or-break year for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, May 14, 2019.

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    There is no such thing as the perfect roster - but the one in Dallas is hard to top.

    This is always the time of optimism around the NFL. Teams have a new crop of rookies that perfectly meet their needs (or so they say), plus the new free agents that were exactly who they were looking for (or so they say), and the returning vets are all in the best shape of their careers and will be improved this fall (you know what goes here). Despite being sold the same bill of goods year after year, fans still get sucked in, only for most of them to see their team fall short of the playoffs. But for a handful, those factors mentioned above really are true, or at least largely so. That may well apply to the 2019 Dallas Cowboys.

    That is of course important for the hopes of the team and its fans alike, but it is particularly key for head coach Jason Garrett. He is in the last year of his contract, with owner/general manager Jerry Jones basically saying he believes he can succeed - but he wants to see it before he offers an extension. However, this offseason has looked more like a team going “all in” than it has in years. This roster is deep and looks dangerous, and Garrett’s staff looks more unified and solid as well. Let’s break things down.

    The changes to the coaching staff were limited, but huge

    Many were clamoring for it to happen, and arguably it was at least a year overdue. The biggest move of any kind in 2019 for the Cowboys was the termination of Scott Linehan as offensive coordinator, with the corresponding promotion of Kellen Moore and the accompanying hire of Jon Kitna to replace Moore as QB coach.

    It is perhaps a bit of piling on, but it had become clear that Linehan was a problem in a couple of ways. The reports of growing tension between him and both his head coach and players seem accurate. He repeatedly lapsed back into predictable play calls, but worse, he telegraphed what he was doing with personnel and formations far too often. Ezekiel Elliott is a formidable weapon, but running him into a stacked defensive box because the defense is reading run all the way just does not pay. Add in that the offensive line was compromised by the absence of Travis Frederick and having to work in a rookie, Connor Williams, and what should have been nearly certain short-yardage conversions were too often being stuffed. First down runs often suffered from the same issues as well, especially after the early, scripted part of the game.

    In promoting Moore, the main reasons revolve around innovation and fresh ideas. This does not mean that he is going to come in with a bunch of new plays. Based on interviews with the staff this past week, it is more about using what already exists to better effect, with the incorporation of more pre-snap motion and shifting players from one role to another on the field. It is not surprising that the leadership sounds all positive about it, since it was their decision. But the reviews have been exceptionally strong from the players as well.

    If Moore can bring this to calling the offense it could be exciting. And so far, Garrett seems to be giving him the freedom to do his thing.

    Meanwhile, Kitna may be just what Dak Prescott needs. Moore’s strengths appear to be in calling plays, not coaching up his quarterback. Kitna is the opposite, and his comments during the past week reflect what he brings to the table.

    Unlike Moore, Kitna has many NFL starts under his belt - 124, to be exact. He truly knows what a QB faces. If he is good at teaching technique (which is unfortunately limited under CBA rules), he can help Prescott take the next step.

    Meanwhile, Kris Richard is now coming into his second year as part of what is a surprising well-functioning partnership with Rod Marinelli running the defense. And we shouldn’t overlook the retention of Marc Colombo as the offensive line coach. All in all, this may be the best and most cohesive staff Garrett has had. And one that shows very few fingerprints of the owners in assembling.

    The roster is just as strong

    Read the rest here:

    This article perfectly sums up my own feelings about this team and staff as well - no excuses. Get the job done or this organization will make changes. You go up and down this roster and most every team in the league would kill to have as much young talent. Player personnel is arguably the strongest it's been since the team's of the 90's. Barring significant injury, the only way this team fails is because the coaches failed to do their part
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    JG gone if not at least an NFC championship game this year.
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    JMO but this move will be make the biggest impact on the 2019 Cowboys.
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    we keep saying this, but what the fans want vs what the jones boys want are 2 diff things.
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    Good lord, seems the last 3-4 years have been make or break years for Garrett. Think about it, how times over the last few years, you as a fan has said " no more excuses" for Garrett. Hell, I know I've said few times myself (lol).
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    His job rides on Moore making the right changes to keep this Offense unpredictable. JJ can either use it as a excuse for JG or not if this change don’t work well.
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    I think JG is an excellent coach. With that said if we do not make a deep playoff run regardless of why then a change should be made. Just ensure that we upgrade.
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    Of course ...Super Bowl or Bust!! Lol

    We have some fans who see this as the best team in the league while analyst and handicappers aren’t even picking us to win our division or win more than 10 games placing us somewhere between 4th and 7th in conference.
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    Fixed it for ya :D
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    I think if he takes us to the NFC championship game. And I'm not even sure if it matters if we win. Well it does to us of course LOL. But I believe it's about getting better and continuity. is still a coach for this team. Head coach. Nothing less in my opinion. Will save his career in Dallas as head coach
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    I am on Jason's side as long as the locker room is. And that seems to be solid. Continuity camaraderie goes a long way in my opinion. I'm old school and it's about team
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    Most Cowboys fans agree....Garrett should have a deep playoff run to keep his job. But the Jones boys don’t think like normal football people. In fact, Garrett only performs for an audience of one, maybe two people- Jerry and his boy sidekick.

    I hate to say it, but the Jones boys are the best excuse makers in pro sports. Just look at 2011-13, 2015 and 2017. The excuses they made for those years are in the “Sports Excuses Hall of Fame”. Unless this team goes 6-10 or worse, they will find an excuse to keep to keep JG.

    I will go a step further...the only way Garrett is not HC here for years to come is if Jerry thinks he may lose money by keeping him. Garrett is Jerry’s perfect hand picked and groomed HC who doesn’t stand in the way of Jerry’s relentless pursuit of getting to play with his toy like a drunk frat boy.

    Again, chisel it in stone- barring a complete through the floor disaster, Jason Garrett is the HC of the Cowboys for many years to come.
  15. Diehardblues

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    I know .

    I’m not sure what’s worse. Jerry promoting the team setting fans up for disappointment or fans who see this as greater than some of the Elite teams in the league?

    We were basically one key player away last year from finishing below .500. If your Egirls didn’t go into a tailspin earlier in season I’m not sure we even make the playoffs much less win division.
  16. Doomsday101

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    77 wins 59 loses 2 wins in post season and 3 loses. I think it is important to get over the hump and take it all the way. I don't think Garrett is as bad as some like to portray but also not good enough should he maintain the current status. As a fan I certainly hope he takes it the distance and know some of these monkeys off his back.
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    This was a glossy homer piece that was intended to make everything look rosey.

    The fact of the matter is that the FO did very very little to make this team BETTER THIS year. Got little in FA and the draft that is going to make us better then what we had last year.

    Quinn was a nice get, but that was just treading water with Gregory getting suspended.

    Cobb was nice, but he simply replaced Beasley.

    The REAL improvement is getting Frederick back which should get the line back to great again. And then they typical improved young players like Conner and Gallup another year with Cooper and Dak.

    I do agree that this is a very very talented team. But it still lacks quality coaching, which is huge. Moore is a wait and see, but its already quite clear he is operating the same offense as Garretts only making it less predictable. We shall see.

    What I was impressed about in looking over this roster was the amount of depth we have. More than I can remember. However we still have the glaring holes at safety. Its the one huge stain on the roster.
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    Disagreed. The Jones boys want a championship team; why the heck wouldn’t they?

    One could argue they don’t know what the hell they’re doing, though.
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  19. Diehardblues

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    And that’s the bigger conundrum. I think most fans agree we need a greater HC and coaching staff.

    The question is though ; will Jerry attract and or pursue one? Most likely it will be next puppet up.
  20. Diehardblues

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    Not to mention 24th ranked passing offense , 22nd overall and 15th ranked passing QB.

    Not sure how this ranks as one of the best teams in the league? I thought they over achieved last year.

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