No HOF Presentation for TO

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by OmerV, Jul 13, 2018.

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    The TV in the restaurant I ate lunch at had something on the screen about TO not getting presented individually at the HOF ceremony. The volume wasn't up so I couldn't hear the discussion, but I assume the HOF decided that if TO refuses to come to the ceremony in person, they won't have a segment of the ceremony dedicated to him the way there is with other inductees. I'm guessing they will announce him simply as an inductee, but with no time allotted to talk about his career.
  2. aikemirv

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    Stupid is as stupid does!
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  3. MarcusRock

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    I heard they weren't even going to mention him at all. Not voting him 1st ballot was petty. His deciding not to go is returning petty for their petty. Now the HOF folks up their petty ante by not mentioning a player who will be in Canton as one of the greatest receivers ever. The HOF folks sure are showing their flexibility in being able to stoop to another's level.
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  4. Longboysfan

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    Maybe they just leave the bust covered on the stage.
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  5. Sydla

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    Why should they do anything for a guy who won't be there? I suspect they will announce his name when they announce the list of inductees and probably will have his bust on display, but why in the world would you expect them to do anything more than that?

    The only loser in this whole thing is the guy who has shown himself to be woefully immature his entire professional life.
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  6. Dre11

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    Lol...what in the heck is TO losing by not going or giving a speech.
  7. MarcusRock

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    Again, I heard they weren't going to mention him at all. If so, they'd have announced that he was going to be inducted with the others and then not actually mention him as being inducted at the ceremony as if he isn't going to be. If that's how it shakes out, that's being petty.
  8. Doomsday101

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    From what I heard his name will be mentioned as they do the opening introductions of the class of 2018 after that there will be nothing else. They will mail him his gold jacket and that will be it. Frankly I think only one who is being petty is TO but that is nothing new for him.
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  9. TexasHillbilly

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    Maybe he could lose that big *** chip on his shoulder that he has always had. A cancer usually doesn't get top billing and because of his childish and immature attitude that will hold true for TO.

    He needs to be a guy with a little dignity and accept the honor. "They didn't pick me the first round so poo on them". Someone should accidentally trip over the podium with his bust and "bust up" his bust into 1000 pieces then say, "oops".
  10. MarcusRock

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    Ah, okay, gotcha. Thanks. If that's the case then he just won't have his own segment during the ceremony. The way a sportscaster made it sound last night was that they weren't going to mention him at all. I wonder if Randy Moss will mention him during his speech as a fellow receiver.
  11. The Quest for Six

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    The NFL should just recind their offer of acceptance to be in the Hall of Fame, if T.O has that little respect for the History of the game and acceptance of the rare honor, then he has no business being there!!!
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  12. Bullflop

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    Well, maybe it's the attention he'd get otherwise is my guess. I suspect he'll miss it somewhat.

    I don't see where the HOF committee owes anything more than that if he can't display respect.
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  13. Doomsday101

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    I guess that is up to Moss. TO will be the 1st player to boycott the HOF. That is his choice but he will face a backlash I hope he knows that
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  14. viman96

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    Hard to feel sorry for TO. He should have went. There are a total of 6 first ballot WRs. There have many great WRs that waited and appreciated their induction into the HOF, regardless of when they made it.
  15. viman96

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    "The focus is on the guys who are here," Hall of Fame executive director Joe Horrigan told the Talk of Fame Sports Network on Thursday. "There's no reason to bring him up as an individual. He's not here."

    Owens' name will be included when the whole class is announced, Horrigan said, and his photograph will appear in materials about the Hall of Fame weekend.

    Owens' gold jacket, traditionally presented in an elaborate ceremony on Friday night, will be mailed to him first thing Saturday morning, Horrigan said.
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  16. Teague31

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    Good. Was, is, and always will be, a giant loser
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  17. dwreck27

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    So many great players who would love to go to canton...

    but alas T.O a cowboy I wish to forget ever wore the silver and blue got the nod
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  18. viman96

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    More like the hired help. TO's time in Dallas was his last opportunity to change the narrative on his career while still playing and being considered a top WR. He screwed that up. He screwed up his HOF induction as well. IMO he is addicted to being a victim and all the drama that goes with it.
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  19. GenoT

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    What’s funny is, the HOF committe didn’t even have to make an effort to kick this ungrateful “me first” attention wh0re to the curb.

    Some low-level underling simply hit the delete button a few times on the production schedule and now the HOF ceremony will go forth like TO never existed.

    You reap what you sow.
  20. mattjames2010

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    He has a legitimate reason to criticize and be upset with not being a first ballot HOF. He's a top 3-5 WR OF ALL TIME. He does some pushups in his driveway and had a feud with chunky Mcnabb and I'm supposed to dislike the guy? And for all the problems he supposedly created in the locker room back in 2008, it sure as hell fell apart without him in 2010, didn't it?

    And "dignity and honor" while he'd be standing next to Ray "Where's the white suit?" Lewis?
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