No longer America's Team

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by FVSTONE, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Doomsday101

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    Love the Cowboys or hate the Cowboys, they draw attention. Personally being called America's team or not means little to me. I know they are Texas team and they are my team.
  2. EST_1986

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    Cowboys got bumped by the Cleveland Browns, THE Cleveland Browns. Nobody cares to see this team outside of its fans anymore
  3. JoeKing

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    The Cleveland Browns just eliminated the Pittsburgh Steelers from the playoffs convincingly(put 48 points on them). It seems the Cowboys aren't the only team you under appreciate. :laugh:
  4. big dog cowboy

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    You do know that Jimmy had planned on leaving....right?
  5. Rayman70

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    ITS A GOOD THING if we are not AMERICAS TEAM for a time. I think MAYBE that will be the wake up call the team needs, top to bottom. I am good with this for a while. THAT moniker must be earned and worked at to KEEP. no one WILL EXPECT US TO DO MUCH AGAIN IN 2021. I like! We might be able to fly under the radar a bit...sneak up on teams in the latter part of the 2021 year. Now its on to the draft and time to roll our sleeves up.

    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    Only because JJ couldn't stand the fact that it was Jimmy's plan that turn the organization around.
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  7. LACowboysFan1

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    Maybe, but Jerry's a master salesman, according to most everybody, he could have likely talked Jimmy into staying if he'd wanted to, so it still falls on Jerry's shoulders...
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