Not a good game tonight

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by trickblue, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Are you really surprised? For one, it's the NFL. Remember a few weeks ago when the Pats got annihilated on MNF by a mediocre KC team and people were actually questioning if Brady should still be the starter and if it was time to move past Belichik? Now look at them. Same for the Steelers and how bad they have looked some weeks.So many teams are up and down.

    And second, it's Dallas and we still have Garrett as the HC. That right there tells me to never fully buy into this thing. So many people were wanting to extend him after that winning streak when in reality, he accomplished nothing.

    But what were realistic people saying all week? That Redskins gives us fits with their defense and they have a good set of WRs with speed. And if you give Colt time, he will eat you alive. Exactly what happened. Our weaknesses were exposed. As well as our decision to go away from the run game.
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    Win streak wasn't going to last forever either. Rather get out of the way early. Skins suck eggs and hate losing to them but it is what it is. Coaches better learn from it however. Blame them more than the players. Players played their hearts out, including Romo.
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    Look, I know there our division rival , and I didn't think it would be easy, but what are the coaches thinking all night your QB is being blitzed and sacked, on a 3rd and long you opt to pass? come on. Thats poor coaching run and punt. We are plain terrible at home I get it, But coaches need to take the blame here. Why the hell would you put Romo back in the game and can we get Jerry of the sidelines once and for all. Its bad enough he has a head set on and being interview but i need to see him clapping and rah rah on sidelines .....sickening!!!!

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