Now Garrett Can Silence The Naysayers - like me

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Joe Realist

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    The Boys dominated quarters 2 and 4.
  2. Hostile

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    In Dallas, this is correct. But if the Coach works for another organization, and has a great year, he is the litmus test until he fails.

    See Tony Sparano and the lamentations about letting him go. See the Saints Defense last year and how Rob Ryan was the savior we let get away. I saw a fan say he wished we had fired Garrett and hired Mike McCoy when the Chargers beat the Seahawks.
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    There was a farmer, had a dog...I forget his name.
  4. Fla Cowpoke

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    BIngo! THe dog's name was BINGO! ;)
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  5. TwoDeep3

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    This is the first opportunity for this coach to have the team which can manhandle the other team. Not the 2007 team which was more finesse. So while you wish to play your taco music. the point is Garrett needs to show up as a leader who can steer the team to wins through crisp execution.

    Show me

    Regardless of your opinion of and jaded allegiance to His Redness.
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  6. Tommy

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    Why does it seem the goalposts are moving every week? We got off to a great start at 4-1. But that didn't mean anything to some people. The real test would come when we played Seattle on the road.

    Now it seems winning isn't enough. Garrett needs to prove himself by "manhandling" opponents.

    And these type of expectations are from people who were predicting a 5-11 season just 6 weeks ago.
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  7. TwoDeep3

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    I suppose i don't understand what is the hubbub about wanting this guy to show what's in his bag of tricks.

    I see the usual suspects who defend him ad nauseum pipe up to rally around his record thus far.

    But truthfully, this game flips easily if errors in execution are not adequately addressed.

    Now I have been told by the sycophants of The Red One that he hasn't had the tools to adequately show his skill set. The process and building for tomorrow rings hollow to me when these self same people leap to the conclusion this offensive line was planned. Certainly Smith was, and maybe the Beard. But Martin fell to them because there was a run on defenders coveted by this franchise. So while we all glow about the line play, this mindset it was a planned event wears thin once who they really wanted, and their second choice and maybe their third, was picked before they got to enter a name.

    So it appears the pieces are in place. And what I predicted has no bearing on this since I was not touting Garrett and now wish him to show me.

    If you disagree, I get it. Tossing in my feelings for what the team might have been prior to the games ignores the years I was calling it about right each season. So lets not allow those predictions to get ion the way of an I told you so.

    Its time to see what he has and not blame others for his leadership in solving the fortunate breaks the team has had over the last two weeks.

    They should have blasted both the Houstons and the Seattles. The dodgy execution at times allowed those guy s to hang.

    It's these times which show coaching skill is my point.

    Like it or not.
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  8. starman22

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    This team has overcome a lot to get to this point (5-1) Do you really believe that all of the bounces are going our way? How is it then that we have even been behind this year? This team has overcome some pretty big deficits by playing the way you are suggesting they play, they have manhandled other teams on both sides of the ball. They are using very effective controlled passing. They have overcome costly turnovers to ultimately come out on top. They are showing true character and never say die attitudes. I believe that Coach Garrett has this team playing this hard, this smart. Others may disagree, but when JG gets all the blame for any failures that have occurred, how can you with a clear mind not give any credit for the success except as a cheerleader.
  9. Dave_in-NC

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    That's true for some "fans" but not for me. A true leader and HC finds success for more than a short period of time. I don't really care one way or the other who the coach is. I like the idea that a team can go more than a season and remain competitive. I see good things, but THIS season isn't over yet any way.
  10. cml750

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    If Garrett really wants to silence the naysayers he will get this team to the playoffs and have some success in the playoffs instead of blowing an average of two games a season with idiotic game/clock management. That being said, it looks like he may do just that this year and he has accomplished it by taking a step backwards and turning more control over to his coordinators who are doing an outstanding job. For this I give him credit and hope our success keeps up.
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  11. cml750

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  12. waving monkey

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    nothing will ever be perfect and our expectations will disappoint
  13. sbark

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    Did Garrett improve or change all that much....who knows. What we do know, someone recognized his and this organizations weakness's and brought in LInehan as Off.Coor/playcaller, brought in McClay as personal analysis, rotated Marinelli and Kiffin, Pope at the TE coach, and other moves..............the biggest thing Garrett bought into these changes fully and let these people do their thing------he delegated to "specialists" and is enjoying the fruits of his "letting go" the reigns.
  14. Hostile

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    Show you what? The logical fallacy of this thread? Absolutely.

    Allow me to make it real simple for most people to understand TD. The stuff like "Opie," "Ginger," "Red J," "Red One,"and "His Redness" make your intent transparent to almost everyone except a few like thinking folk. All you have done in this thread is discount what has been accomplished, found a new way to say you don't respect, or like this particular man as Coach, set a new goal for him to gain this absent respect, and pretended to be misunderstood about it so you can once again express mock shock. No sir, there is no misunderstanding.

    Here's an example of what you are doing. It's like saying, "I like Tiger Woods. The guy is a scum sucking maggot, but he's best golfer in the world when he's on his game. If he doesn't make any mistakes I think he can win the next major."

    At best you've thrown out a smattering of "left handed compliments," and then feigned surprise that others don't buy it. You have no point.

    You can have the last word. I'll probably return you to Ignore anyway. So fire away with your aimless jabs like "taco music." Is that racist? I really don't know.
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  15. Hostile

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    I don't think anyone suggested it was over.
  16. Fla Cowpoke

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    I am curious as to what breaks we have got this year? Sean Lee's injury? DeMarcus Lawrence's injury? Mo Claiborne's injury.

    In games, are we getting uncaused turnovers in our favor? Huge plays out of special teams? Referee favoritism?

    I'd say we may have had a few positive penalties. Have had some negatives too. Outside of that, I don't see much of anything being given to this team. Seems like we are working hard for everything we get.

    My goal for this team isn't winning 3 of 4 Super Bowls. I am looking to see a consistent winner year after year. I wanna see a double digit string of years making the playoffs.
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  17. Dodger12

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    Wait, what? JG has noting else to prove? We had a dominating performance and are currently 5 and 1 and that negates 3 straight years of .500 ball and no playoffs?
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  18. foofighters

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    yep, and so is mine. You can't just single out 2 plays in our games this year and consider it an issue.
  19. Hostile

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    Is this silence deafening? I don't think so.
  20. joseephuss

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    Yep, Seattle has been blasted numerous times over the last couple of seasons especially at home.

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