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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Jun 17, 2021.

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    I think is is a given that they cannot keep Cooper, Lamb and Gallup next season so it comes down to the odd WR out and pairing the best two remaining.

    Then there is the question of trade value of each and Cooper's salary and too often disappearing act since he got in the league so he's 3rd as far as trade value but tops in cap relief.

    Gallup either has to be one of the two or traded prior to November or they get nothing but a compensatory pick for him leaving. You can bet his agent has something in the Golladay neighborhood for him, around 16-18M a year.

    Lamb would be far the last choice to trade for most here, even though he led the team that led the league in drops, but he would be the best trade bait and get at least a 1st for him. Drops seem to bother us more than the teams because Cooper led the league the year before we traded for him.

    So, what's your perfect pair, who's the odd WR out?

    Before you answer that, look these 2020 stats over.

    Targets Receptions Yards TD's Target Conversion
    Cooper 130 92 1,114 5 71%

    Lamb 111 74 935 5 67%

    Gallup 105 59 843 5 56%

    All three played in all 16 games and with a bunch of different QB's.

    One thing to consider and I know he's making a lot of money but Cooper puts up decent stats the quietest of any WR I can recall. When he disappears, have you watched a replay of the game to see what was going on? He is still one of the toughest covers around and his immediate impact on the QB and offense upon his arrival cannot be discounted. He makes the QB better.

    The story the stats don't tell is the Cooper Effect on the defenses and what his presence allows the OC, QB and offense to do. I wonder who the odd WR out would be if the QB had a vote in it and I think we can rest assured he does have something to say about it.

    I think those so willing to make Cooper the odd WR out need to think carefully about that. Forget the money and just focus on the effectiveness of the offense. And that disappearing act? He has the best catch conversion of the three when he appears.

    So, let's see your ideas on how to end up with the best 2 WR's.
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    If anyone has an idea on how to fix the chart I put up there, I'd like to hear it because that doesn't look like what I did.
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    Coop on the trading block. Get-r-done mid-season.
  4. HanD

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    I personally don't see Gallup getting golladay money. Maybe I'm underrating him.
  5. Ranching

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    Gallup is out...he's good, but not as gifted as the other two.
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  6. john van brocklin

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    Think Gallups gone after this year
  7. RS12

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    You forgot the durability factor. Cooper is injured now and all he did was show up to OTAs. Cooper is seemingly always nicked up. I say this as a Cooper fan but I think it has to be a factor. Boils down to what are they getting back for whoever they give up but if the record isn't good at the trade deadline. probably Amare gooes.
  8. Future

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    No shot.

    It's not a given that one is gone.
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    pastes dont work, you would have to type it out in the post, and if it isnt what you want edit the post until it does.
  10. Big_D

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    I think Cooper will be gone after this season. A mid season trade would be ideal.
  11. ESisback

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    Cooper is older, injured more often, and more expensive, so….
  12. blueblood70

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    you miss this ??

    Is it realistic to think we can keep Gallup after this year? | Page 5 | Dallas Cowboys Forum - CowboysZone.com
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    odd, when I quoted this the stats appear like you wanted lol. not bunched up.
    you left out a important stat which is yds per reception , I think gallup was 14 yds, much higher than the other 2.
    That is because he is the one getting the go route catches for big yds.
    Lamb and amari are getting run after catch yds on crossing routes.

    I think right now gallup is better than lamb, but jerry is not going to get rid of lamb or cooper, they are both # 1 picks and big names,
    gallup is lower round pick and not a big name so he is the odd guy out.
    Doesnt matter what they do on the field lol, lamb and cooper are staying. They are jerrys prized toys!:D

    It is possible jerry trys to keep gallup, with low ball offer, but gallup will probably just leave for more money elsewhere.
    He would be better off on another team, more targets and chance to do more.
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  14. DoctorChicken

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    The best move is to trade Gallup.

    Lamb has more potential and is younger. Cooper is a true #1. I really don’t think Gallup is, and I really like Gallup.

    I just don’t see what Gallup brings that Lamb and Coooer don’t. I would have traded him for a 2nd or so in the draft and picked up a nice defensive prospect.
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  15. ESisback

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    How much would we save if we dumped Wilson, Brown, Parker and the others?

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  16. Corso

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  17. tyke1doe

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    I was kind of bummed that Cooper didn't take the Skins offer. But he knows a cushy climate when he sees one, so I really can't blame him.
    I never thought we should have given a No. 1 for him. I think we could have waited the Raiders out because I don't believe they weren't going to send him to an AFC team unless the draft compensation was greater.
    But that's water under the bridge.
    I think he's a great receiver, but not a consistently great receiver. He has huge games, but he disappears also.
    If we could trade him, I would. Cee Dee Lamb is the future. Gallup is a poor man's Cooper, but I like his fight more than I like Cooper's.
    We can't pay all these receivers big dollars, so if we can unload Cooper's salary and get something in return for him (maybe a second or a third), I'd do that in a heart beat.
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  18. Big_D

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    The team has to learn to make the tough decisions and find production cheaper. Can't pay and keep everybody!
  19. garyo1954

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    Cooper could leave town tomorrow and we wouldn't miss him.
    Ask yourself this: Is he $5 Millions dollars better than than any of the other top ten receivers making $15 Million?

    Player Team Cap Number Cash Spent
    Amari Cooper Cowboys $22,000,000 $20,000,000
    Allen Robinson Bears $17,980,000 $17,980,000
    Davante Adams Packers $16,787,500 $13,250,000
    Mike Evans Buccaneers $16,637,500 $12,250,000
    Chris Godwin Buccaneers $15,983,000 $15,983,000
    Tyreek Hill Chiefs $15,850,500 $13,200,500
    Odell Beckham Jr. Browns $15,750,000 $15,750,000
    Keenan Allen Chargers $15,700,000 $13,000,000
    Mike Williams Chargers $15,680,000 $15,680,000
    Julio Jones Titans $15,300,000 $15,300,000

    IMHO, the answer is, "not in your lifetime."
    The Bucaaneers had no problem keeping two, the Chargers no problem keeping two.
    Is he better so much better than Beckham, Williams, Jones you have to pay $5-$6 Million more?

    I'd rather have a Super Bowl with Williams, Godwin, or Hill than continue to throw money at an overvalued 4.42 player who runs precise routes and is not a locker room distraction.
    But that's just me.
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  20. Big_D

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    1100 and 5 and people talk like we got the greatest WR ever. lol He's good, but should've never got paid what he did. Those numbers are flat out ridiculous and just doesn't coincide with the production. Another brain fart from the front office. Who will be next to bend Jerry over?
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