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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFaninHouston, Jul 12, 2018.

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    just trying to get through the next two weeks until we get some actual camp news and get excited about season....

    so given we lost Dez, who was average last year anyway and we lost Witten and our top TE this year has all of 94 yards and the rest zero game experience and seemingly having a deep WR group but no clear dominant #1 WR, we should probably go with a lot more 3, 4 Wide look, spread the field. spread the defense. press the defense. Our OL is very good and can pass protect so having a TE may not be as necessary.

    Having Zeke in the back who can block a little, is always helpful. I think very much like college teams, we have advantage putting our #3, #4 WR against #3, #4 corners of other teams. most teams aren't deep at CB. plus, spread offense allows zeke a lot more room to run, specially given our OL.

    so thinking combinatins like
    Zeke, Hurns, Gallop, Austin and Thompson or
    Zeke, Hurns, Austin, Beasley, Brown or
    Zeke, Hurns, Gallop, Thompson Austin....

    puts a lot of pressure on the defense...then perhaps go periods during the game with no huddle....

    just pressure the defense and keep them back pedaling.

    has training camp started yet?
  2. cern

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    I think the only thing we can say about the passing game is it has to change. Needs to be more up tempo than in the past. Don't let opposing defenses off the field to make substitutions to create mismatches with our speed. The elements for success are in place.
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    We will have bottom 5 passing game how could anyone have higher expectations with Dak at QB ?
    Add to the mix these failed or unproven WR we have today, our passing game will look like the "Keystone Cops" ......
  4. sbark

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    Smash mouth spread with dak using rpo quite a bit
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  5. buybuydandavis

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    I've been thinking about Zeke, Olawale and 3 WR sets.
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    1,127 messages and all of them are you whining about how terrible Dak is. Give it a break.
  7. waving monkey

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    Its a psychosis
  8. JoeKing

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    :facepalm: You posters that think the Cowboys are going to have to reinvent the wheel to get a viable passing game going are sadly mistaken. What worked in 2016 is what will work in 2018. Just think of Hurns as our new Dez.
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    Garrett's playbook doesn't change.
  10. DakPresgoat

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    Even though our WR Corp is unproven. This is going to be the most speed we have had at WR in many years.

    That has to provide some kind of benefit.
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    Going to be hard for teams to cover Beasley and Austin at the same time. Their lateral quickness will make teams vulnerable underneath.

    The unit is faster overall than it has been in years... I am willing to wait and see what they do before I assume it will fail.
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    How low will the Dez haters go. It's bad enough you threw him under the bus but how many times will you continue to run him over
  13. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Garretts coaching career has proven that he doesnt do massive overhauls often(if ever) with offensive philosophy
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  14. NotForLong

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    I believe this to be true. And if it is this team will be a trainwreck.

    I hope Garrett changes. He has to or else he is gone. As he rightfully should be
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    Dez threw himself under the bus and you still insist on kissing his feet. Worshiping at the altar of Bryant will get you nowhere. I'm not even talking about Dez in his prime, I'm talking about his 2016 stats. Allen Hurns is capable of putting up similar numbers.
  16. NotForLong

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    Why did you just say that. I am not kissing his feet or worshiping at the alter.

    He was a great exciting play maker for my favorite team. For many years. What should I hate him like skip Bayless and you.

    And if I dont I worship him. What's wrong with you.

    The only reason you are continuing to tear him down is to build Dak up. They are related in that aspect. In order to shun all blame from Dak we all have to agree Dez sucks, well that's an out right lie.

    Akoye Films has already proven that. Dez's drop in production is at the feet of Dak.
  17. JoeKing

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    You so freely assign hate coming from others but you don't like when it's done to you. In his prime, Dez was a better player but that's not what I'm talking about. He WAS a great player but he wasn't in 2016. I'm just sayng we have a player already that can put up those numbers. Dry your eyes and stop with you faux righteous indignation. I'm a Cowboys fan too and my bigger point(before you interupted) is the Cowboys are about to have another big season like in 2016.
  18. Big_D

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    But they did a massive overhaul at the skill positions which means we're likely to see a different philosophy. I expect to see a lot more of the RBs in the passing game, that would be a start. And less empty backfield. etc.
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    There's a similar thing going on with Trump derangement syndrome, except for this one is Dak derangement syndrome: D.D.S.
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    TDS Love it.

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