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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboyny, Feb 17, 2020.

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    When the team drafted Awuzie is was a CB/S prospect, I remember his scouting reports stating that he was better reading the QB then when his back was facing him. Fast forward to a couple of years of the next level; usually covers his man well, but struggles to find the football that leads to many close completions. He has been always a strong, willing tackler, outside of that Philly game last year. Has the size and the skill set to effectively move to the SS position. This is his last year of his contract, why not see if he can make the transition to the safety position.

    Xavier Woods was suppose to have that breakout year, but it never materialized. Usually a step slow in reading and reacting. Struggles at times with catching the ball and is considered a below average tackler. As a safety he is strictly better suited in coverage then is against the run. However, Woods had some success as a nickel CB in his rookie season. This position would play more to his strengths in coverage. Just like Awuzie, he is playing on his last year of his contract.

    Both players, could realistically be replaced in 2021. It is up to the new staff to determine how to put these players in positions to succeed. Will they consider such moves or continue to use them in their current roles?
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    Not sure I would move them to different positions in a contract year. I would think that would put them at a disadvantage.

    Maybe Chid will turn around for the ball now that Richard is out.
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    Awuzie is a good #2 corner. Fans need to stop holding him to ridiculous standards.
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    Draft a S or 2, that are actually S's. Replace Heath for sure, and the other to groom to replace woods. Never was sold on him anyway. I said when he was drafted he may be a PS guy for a year. Then was willing to see what he could do as he showed some flashes in PS games. Not really impressed still.

    Then there is Donovon Wilson, see what jump he makes in year 2, as he flashed in PS games also.

    Awuzie will be given his chance with a new staff and scheme. If the same issues, then replace him in 2021. He is not horrible, so they can live with him there for another year.
    Lewis probably takes over for Jones, but is that an upgrade or not. Well for the price tag, it probably is. At least Lewis has some picks.
    Sign Brown to a 2 year deal as depth and slot. He is still a decent player.
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    Guys unless you have Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner and ET back there it’s gonna a be hard to get picks in a scheme that has corners literally turn their head to the QB. We get mad when guys don’t get their head around but that such a disadvantaged position to be put in as a corner. Do you know how hard it is to run full speed turn your head and be in control, find the ball, and make a play before an NFL WR does?

    KR secondary scheme was always built with pass coverage as the priority, not picks. It’s the multiple man zone fronts that confuse QB’s and put DB’s in the best position to make plays on the ball. Our simple bump and run works for athletes that don’t make plays on the ball (Byron). He thrived in it, most other NFL corners would have issues. Another reason why the height and length are so important to KR and not ball skills, it’s all about suffocating coverage not turnovers.

    Check out Awuzie’s scouting report outta Boulder, played very well in zone and is at his best with his eyes on the qb. Of course we draft him and completely change his style of play lol, only us
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  6. DHCBF66

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    We are about to lose Byron Jones, we need Awuzie at corner!
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    When you think of proposing a CB to be moved to FS/SS ask yourself can he tackle like a true safety first. This was the issue with Byron and why he was not a FS. I view Chido as a CB and possible Slot CB. New staff might unlock something with these guys.

    I don't think single high was a ideal spot for Woods, but in a two deep or playing him closer to the LOS he would better because of his quickness n instincts. Slot CB wouldn't be a bad move if the scheme is zone based, but I feel they'll keep him at Safety.
  8. conner01

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    We have some other CB’s who people talked about lots in camp last year
    What’s people opinion of them, is there a guy there who can help
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    So if we are moving Awuzie to safety – which pretty much seals that he’s a bust at CB, but the new hope is salvaging and re-creating him at safety (ala Bryon jones type position move)
    So Where then would we be placing Xavier Woods ? Strong safety ? or would Awuzie then be the strong safety ?

    Awuzie has been a willing tackler as a CB, but if he's playing safety, that tackling is a different level and ball game as a full time safety.
    Anybody display issues with tackling as a CB, I don’t want to chance him at safety where he will have to take on a lot more tackling and more chances at pounding and toll at safety than he does as a CB.
    Heck, even Byron is a willing tackler at CB, but when you're asking him to take on that task as a full time starter there with much more task, pounding toll and responsibilities, then like Byron did as a safety, you well maybe risking a guy that is gonna have a lot of whiffs or get plastered over.

    Also if I’m not seeing those direly needed ball hawk skills at CB with Awuzie, what makes us think we are gonna see that at safety ?
  10. ShiningStar

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    moving around some players isnt as easy as it was for Byron, but if they let Bryon walk, thats going to leave a big hole to fill. While fans may not like that Byron doesnt have a lot of interceptions, qbs dont challenge him often and thats still a good thing. Will he be easily replaceable by a rookie or one of the others on the team? thats going to be hard work and wont be known first half of the season.

    All these decisions will be hard to see or make depending if MM thinks he can go for the playoffs this season. a lot of fans forget that that decision will affect how things go this season.
  11. Killerinstinct

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    I would move Woods to slot CB if I drafted two safeties.
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    McCarthy's now in charge, along with a massive amount of coaching staff changes. It’s anyone’s guess how the Boys secondary might look in the upcoming season.
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  13. ItzKelz

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    Kris Richard is gone....Awuzie will be a probowl level CB
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  14. starfan1

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    I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt because Richards coaching technique so we’ll see if next year he’s better

    but did you watch the games ? He had a couple of games where he was good I think the rams game stands out

    but he was a penalty or completion it seemed to me he regressed IMO

    but perhaps my standards are too high as I wasn’t overly impressed with jones either
  15. 817Gill

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    Played a lot there as a rookie had some good success, was amongst the top 5 rookies in yards per completion allowed
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  16. Redball Express

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    This team never has thought defense was anything more than a space holder for the offense to get to the sidelines for a breather.

    Under Garrett it only got worst.

    And the defensive coaches?

    Robby ( I GOT to go on a DIET)Ryan,

    Rod (I can't spell BLITZ) Marinelli

    and Kris ( Why won't somebody make me HC) Richard.

    These are not the cream of the NFL.

    The secondary got so bad they had to dedicate almost an entire draft to fix it.

    Awuzie and Woods came out of that draft and Jones was drafted to fill out the secondary.

    It never has lived up to expectations.

    This is the last season for Woods and Awuzie if they do not find their game in 2020. Brown is possibly resigned but is uncertain.

    Jones is cleaning out his locker as we speak.

    Safety is the biggest need and at 17 we will have our pick of several. The defensive backfield has to be playing together in 2020 to know what we will need in the 2021 draft to finish the defensive rebuild.

    Brown, Woods, Awuzie and a safety by draft should be the answer for now.
  17. Future

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    This is just not realistic.

    He was tied for 11th in the league in passes defended and had an completion % allowed of 59.8%. I don't love that stat, but Chido ranked better than Richard Sherman, AJ Bouye, Xavien Howard, Desmond Trufant, Patrick Peterson, Jalen Ramsey and a lot of other guys. Trae Waynes, who some thing would be a decent replacement for Byron, was at 74%!

    Chido, on a lot of teams, is a #1 corner, and Cowboys fans act like we need to upgrade the #2 corner. It's not the 80s. Teams are going to complete passes. Chido is about as good as it gets as a #2.
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