Parson is mediocre in coverage

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dak_Attack_09, Sep 14, 2021.

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    Welcome to the NFL Parsons.
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    Joseph as of right now is a number 3 CB so what would lamb do to him?
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    Gronk doesn't look like he's slowed down much to me Rogers.

    He has 4 tds in his last 2 games which is 4 more than our te core this year.

    Gronk has shown ya now that he hasn't really lost much of a step Rogers right? Told ya so

    His 4 tds in the first 2 games will be as many or more than the entire Cowboy Te core will score all season.

    Our te core is still scrubs going on 7+ years and we still can't beat anybody because they are still holding us back in the red zone and on critical game winning drives.

    I'm going with 8-9 or 9-8 at best and 4 tds max between the whole te core (in blowout games against scrub teams btw)

    Same losing philosophy that never wins beans.
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    Are you under the impression I said something negative about Gronkowski? This is a bizarre post given that I specifically said Gronk is one of the best to ever play the game.
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    Parsons is a rookie.
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    nice try, Rogers
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    no he isn't.
    he is anything but mediocre.
    nothing about this young lion is mediocre.
    helluva young player who is only going to get better...and he's already good.
  8. CowboysExchange

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    You said he lost a step after the Superbowl because his stats were off. And that he wasn't on the same level as Kelce etc. You compared his stats to our mediocre te core.
    He's had 2 tds in his last 3 non preseason games and one was the Superbowl. He still is the best te in football not was. Js

    Our te almost lost us the game yesterday with his Escobar'ish attempt at a TD catch that should have been intercepted.
    The week before it was a bad block.

    How many games is it gonna be this year before a Dallas Cowboy Te is gonna make a gamewinning catch much less score a TD? Lmao.

    Have you changed your tune about this te core yet?

    or do you still think we can win something with Jarwin and Schultz playing all of those Passing Snaps but never making any plays or scores?

    It's been 7+ years and all I've heard is hype w no production to back it up
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    Wasn’t this thread about Parsons? Lol. And you’re off on a tangent because your clinging to some perceived conflict from 7-8 months ago? I know everyone needs a little attention sometimes, but don’t try to hijack threads to get it. Start your own thread.
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    He was forced to read, wait, and then react. Not anything he could do about that except break his assignment, which would probably get him a butt chewing.
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