Parson is mediocre in coverage

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dak_Attack_09, Sep 14, 2021.

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    Do we know what his assignments were? It's easy to suggest a player got beat. A lot were ragging on Brown getting beat for a TD, come to find out the safety did read it and went the other way to help.
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    Micah Parsons is 22 years old with one game of NFL experience.
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    There's something about the OP that keeps me from ignoring him, although I dislike everything he says.
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    Slater had one game. Parsons has had one game. Now slater is a franchise tackle? Jesus you love to reach. Parsons played against the GOAT. Slater played against the WFT defense. Lol. Relax
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    We should trade him for a KICKER
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    I was saying tap the brakes prior to the game with fans thinking he was going to come away with multiple sacks and be the star of the game. Many were over reacting to his glowing training camp reviews thinking he would hit the ground running in his first NFL game. He didn’t have a terrible game but he did look lost on some plays. It’s going to take time for him to become acclimated to the NFL especially after not playing football last year.
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    Lol I love this site…
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    1st game in 2 years he did not play last season.
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    Any rookie is going to look mediocre in coverage going up against Tom Brady and his receiving corp. The Cowboys are putting a lot on Parsons plate and it’s going to take time for him to become acclimated to what he’s being asked to do. You have some fans on here already calling him a bust after one game. While some were handing him rookie of the year honors after all the great training camp reviews he was getting. What a bunch of knee jerkers. :laugh: Never seen a group of fans live in the moment like they do on this board.
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    This thread is just crazy wrong, over one play really??? so if I find a play by Dak that is just bad, does that make him a bust??? And for the ones who defend Micah by saying this is just one game and he will get better, while true that he will absolutely get better, the implication that this was a bad game for him is just not right, not right at all. Micah showed he belongs and had a real good game. here are a couple vids, first one just a small pool of highlights from the game while the 2nd video goes into alot more detail.

    on this video, skip to 2:00 mark to bypass ad
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    He’s a rookie, he’ll definitely get better. You can’t teach the physical tools he has. He’ll be a top 5 LB in a few years.
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    Of course he's mediocre in coverage! He's a rook out of the Big 10. NO ONE in college knows how to play pass defense. Heck the way the rules have been tortured, no one in the NFL can play pass defense. You either pressure the QB or you die. Really pretty simple.
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    I guarantee he's going to be a better LB and probably pass rusher than any on your sorry Troll squads. I have faith in 11
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    It’s 1 game AND it’s the greatest tight end that has ever played AND the greatest QB that has ever played . No one has hardly EVER covered Gronk when he’s been rested and healthy much less a rookie in his FIRST game.
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    After his first professional football game, against the best QB to ever play the game throwing it to one of the best TEs to ever play? Yeah, OK. :thumbup:
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    How did Slater do against DROY from last season?
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    If you watch the alll22 version of the game, Parson played much better than what was shown on TV. Some of the Gronks catches were perfect passes where Brady threaded a needle. A great pass will beat a great coverage.
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    "If he doesn’t get better in coverage soon then he will be considered a bust pick."

    After 1 game? LOL
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    Slater had Young's number since college days. Sometimes a player will play great against one player yet not as well against the rest.
    Let's see how he does against some of other premier rushers before putting him in Canton.

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