Pederson in 2nd Yr Has Advanced Farther Than Garrett In 8. How Can This Be?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Jan 14, 2018.

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    I wish haha. But it is common sense. I get that having an edge rusher is great but they are the sexy position on defense. If you only focus on them and try and skimp out and take the cheap way out on your interior, you will suffer in the end. DTs make more of an impact long term than DEs. They won't get the recognition and the stats but if your interior is weak, you are going to get ran on and the QB will have a comfortable pocket.
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    I'm with ya... I wanted Cox or Brockers instead of claibust. I wanted Jernigan but they had to trade up for D Law(I like D Law). I wanted Ashawn Robinson or Chris Jones last year but they had to draft an injured LB. Then they don't draft a DT until the 6th round this past draft then cut him. It's ****** ridiculous that they continue to thumb their nose at the DT position.
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    Very True!!! I don’t think Jason has the experience and should get a good offensive coordinator.
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    We traded up for Claiborne. 6 picks later, Philly took Cox.
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    I think that Claiborne pick was a knee jerk reaction that had something to do with Rob Ryan. That very well may of been the reason he was fired so quick! Dallas never even brought the guy in or interviewed him before trading up to get him. Thats just doesnt sound like Jerry!
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    That's one heckuva good question Beast!
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    When it comes to CB's and WR's, Jerry will do whatever it takes to get them. He misunderstands the game and thinks that's what great teams are built around.
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    I see you're NOT one of Zordon' 39 likes with his post which explained very clearly what Garrett is accomplishing.
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    Ah.. yes indeed...Eagles are the flavor of the month...let's see if they can put two big time seasons in a row before we anoint they butts...unless they do win the SB this season..then we may throw a little 10-30wt. at them. Unless he has a glass knee, Wentz could be around to make Pederson look good for a few(Too many) years to come...with all due respect to their mighty defense...Philly...choke...gag...spit.
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    Could Pederson do it with Jerry Jones as his GM/Owner
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    Can Usain Bolt win the 100 meter w/ a hyena chained to his leg?
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    Yeah, it's like some sort of weird stubbornness.
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  13. daboyzruleperiod

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    Oh please. Even Garrett had a few good seasons. Lets ask this question when Pederson has at least 5 seasons under his belt. Sure they won a playoff, at the opponents expense. Lucky!
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    They won that playoff game without their starting QB and their starting LT and their best starting LB.

    We've seen how crappy Dallas is when they don't have their LT or their best LB. Garrett is inferior at this point to Pederson. I know it's hard for some Cowboys fans to admit that.

    If they beat Minnesota and make the SB it further destroys any and all narratives that some Cowboys fans, and more importantly, the Jones', have created to defend Garrett.
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    Talk to our DC if you have an issue with this.

    FWIW, I agree with you guys.
  16. TheCoolFan

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    Pederson can scheme to get players open. Garrett's system only works if every player wins their 1 on 1 matchup. This offense is a joke.
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    I dammmmmm sure would if I could.

    And I think it's more Jerry. Don't forget, Jerry hires coaches who keep their mouths shut, and fires them if they don't. (Rob Ryan). Wade used NT's in DEN: Terrance Knighton, Darius Kilgo, Sylvester Williams. But, he refused here. Did he?
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    but does he have Jerry's ear like Garrett.. lmao.. Jerry's ear... big freaking deal...

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