Perhaps my most pessimistic post ever

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by sureletsrace, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Most of you know me as a sunshine-pumping, eternal optimist homer when it comes to the Cowboys. However homeristic I may be, I'm not blind either. I'm going to jot down my irritations and concerns here, just to see what you guys think. These are in no particular order.

    -Claiborne, why are you playing so absolutely awful? 99 out of 101? And we spent two top picks on this guy? It's only his 2nd year, but man, he really needs to show some sort of improvement. He's playing soft. Really soft.

    -Austin, I'm about ready to offer a hamstring swap with you. It is absolutely inconceivable that one person could have this many freakin problems with the same muscle over and over and over with science and health technology where it's at. Dude, you are being frail. Let your sack drop and get out there. Take a freakin Flexeril. I don't know. Good lord.

    -Romo. I am probably one of your biggest supporters ever, but if you don't start throwing the ball down the field, you don't deserve to be QB of this organization. I don't care what play JG or BC call in. You change it. Or, if you're changing out of it, then you, like Austin, need to man up and be a big boy and sling that sucker down the field. I don't care if Dez has two guys draped on him. Throw him the MFFB.

    -Ware. You are in my top 10 favorite Cowboys of all time, but man, you really need to quit jumping offsides. I'm sosososososososo sick of seeing you jump across, only to see the ball snapped while you're over the line of scrimmage. You are giving the offense a free play. You might as well just take the entire defense off the field, because essentially, that's what you're doing. SIT STILL UNTIL THE BALL IS SNAPPED!!

    -Witten. You also are in my top 10. But, you really have never seemed to work on the physical aspect of your game. You've never been the fastest and the strongest, but from watching you play, you've never seemed to improve on your speed or strength. I don't know what you need to do. Lift more? Run sprints? Figure it out bro, because time is catching up with you. Lose one more step, and it won't matter how perfect your route running is.

    -terrance. You're a rookie, so I'm not even going to capitalize your name. From what I've seen so far, you don't even deserve to be on the field. Please stay seated on the bench, I don't want to see your number on the field again this year. Idiot.

    -Lee/Carter. I'm clumping you both together, because you both should act as one. You need to rely on each other, and frankly you both look pretty awful out there. Lee, not as bad. Still, several times this year y'all look freakin lost out there. It's zone coverage, not brain surgery. Don't let anyone get in your zone without you being all over their ***. I dropped back into zone in H.S. as a 14 year old 316lb NT. If I can figure it out, you can too.

    -Coaching Staff. I've defended you to the nth degree. The offense last week was absolutely pathetic. Abysmal. Putrid. I watched a play where all 4 receivers ran the same ****** route. 10 yard comebacks. Are you flipping serious? The talent and potential we have is so much better than this. Pull your proverbial heads out. You have a freaking Ferrari that JJ and SJ have provided you, and you refuse to shift out of first gear because you like when the engine sounds loud. You're going to blow it because you are being short sighted and refuse to change or go against the norm.

    I'm sure I missed a few things, but this'll do for now.

    This 53 man roster has as good as or better talent than the past 10 teams to win the Super Bowl. I think everyone on this board can agree to that. I don't know what the problem is, but as a Fanatic, I expect improvement. This is way too good of a football team to be having FUNDAMENTAL, FOUNDATIONAL problems. Period.
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    I doubt you'd get many people to agree to that, even here at cowboys homer central.

    FYI, Jason Witten has taken a brutal beating for over 10 years. He isn't going to get faster or stronger.
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    I agree. Except Witten. He is the best. Don't touch him.
  4. JD_KaPow

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    [raises hand] I don't.
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    lol no, not at all.

    People that talk about how talented the Cowboys' roster is often don't look at other teams. You don't think Detroit with Calvin Johnson, Ndomokong Suh, Matt Stafford, Nick Fairley, Jahvid Best, and Cliff Avrill was saying they were too talented to be a 4-win team? Do you think Chicago Bears fans with Julius Peppers, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Tim Jennings and Charles Tillman are saying they are as talented as any team in football?

    Every rose-colored-glasses fanbase thinks their team is too talented. The fact is that the NFL has a lot of talent and the Cowboys are middle of the pack. There might have been a time in 2007-2008 where the Cowboys were more talented than their peers. But in 2013? No, they're pretty average in terms of talent.
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    I'm in ATL. I love Jason but I don't think he's as good as Tony G. They've poisoned me around her a tad.
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    We arenot as talented as the last 10 super bowl teams. We are top heavy and even our top guys are not the best at their respective positions. Witten isn't ever going to get any faster.

    Other than that, pretty much sums it up.
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    Well said. This is a middle of the pack team, an average team, a mediocre team, a C student, however you want to say it. This team's good for about another 8 and 8 record. The good news is that in this division that might be enough to win the division title.
  9. sureletsrace

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    Did I say they are the most talented team in football? No.

    I said they are as talented as the 2006 Colts, 2007 Giants, 2012 Ravens, etc etc.
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    This team was missing it's second most expensive player (by cap hit for 2013) Anthony Spencer, its 4th most expensive Jay Ratliff, it's 7th most expensive Miles Austin.

    And of course Ware and Romo (top 2 earners) have already been bothered by injury this year.

    That is why team's lose football games. Even really good teams lose games.

    I agree with the talent premise if you are talking about every player the Cowboys have rights to at 100% health.
    But active, healthy bodies? Dallas is middle of the road. We are starting guys off the street (Waters/Selvie).

    This team isn't going to be better than .500 unless it catches some injury breaks finally.

    As to the Romo complaints.... man, this fanbase needs to shut the heck up. The guy can't run around and create downfield chances while also protecting himself from injury and limiting turnovers. At some point he needs help. And he needs to be healthy to throw the ball deep down the field.

    Claiborne has been a disappointment but it is early. He is very talented and anyone giving up on him already is insane. Cowboys are doing the right thing by limiting his reps as they can and letting him work his way to being a top CB. He clearly isn't one right now.
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    Some would say pessimistic. Others would say realistic.

    I largely agree with your evaluations. As to Austin, I am a big fan. But there comes a time when we half to realize we cannot do this injury thang over and over and over . . . If we keep him, next contract, lowball him to half his pay as he serves half the year.
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    You said, "as good as or better than the past 10 teams to win the Super Bowl." If you want to say, "the Cowboys' talent compares favorably with the worst Super Bowl winners of the last decade," then you might have more people agreeing with you.
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  13. jnday

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    I really can't imagine why so many had such high hopes. How can somebody have these wild expectations?
  14. birdwells1

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    The Cowboys have played and beaten many eventual Super Bowl winners in the same year that they win. They've also played and lost, but they weren't blown out.

    See the following, please:
    2006 Colts (Win 21-14)
    2007 Giants (Win 45-35, Win 31-20)
    2008 Steelers (Lose 20-13)
    2009 Saints (Win 24-17)
    2010 Packers (Lose 45-7, [Romo out for season])
    2011 Giants (Lose 37-34, Lose 31-14 [Was 21-14 halfway through the 4th quarter])
    2012 Ravens (Lose 31-29)

    Yes, we seem to play the eventual Super Bowl winner every year. Out of the 5 losses, 3 of them were one possession games.

    Care to rebut?
  16. JD_KaPow

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    Nothing to rebut. I have no idea how what the 2007 Cowboys did has anything to do with the claim that "THIS 53 man roster has as good as or better talent than the past 10 teams to win the Super Bowl." And it looks like the last 4 times we've played the evetual SB winners (so, the times with a roster closest to our roster today), we've lost.
  17. sureletsrace

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    Our star players are the same. The quarterback is the same. This team as a whole is not devoid of talent, nor has it been in recent memory.

    I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm just tired of people saying the team is not talented. The potential is there.

    Last years Cowboys were a FG away from beating the Ravens, who won the Super Bowl. The year before, had Austin not "lost it in the lights", we'd have won.

    It's ignorant to say that this team is outclassed in terms of talent. It's not. The problems with this team, as I said in my OP, are fundamental problems, which is quite possibly more scary than not having the talent to win the big one.
  18. Risen Star

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    I certainly don't agree with that.

    Wow are people delusional about the talent on this team.
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  19. Risen Star

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    Maybe it's because Jerry and Stephen handed Garrett a Ferrari.
  20. sureletsrace

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    Okay, so.

    Let me get this straight.

    This current 53 man roster, in your opinion, is incapable of winning a Super Bowl?

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