Perhaps my most pessimistic post ever

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by sureletsrace, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Nick Hayden, George Selvie, David Carter, Kyle Wilber, Caesar Rayford, Edgar Jones, Drake Nevis.

    Yes. Really.
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    I have read on here opinions that Tony has a dead arm. I don't know enough about that to say I believe that or not but I have never thought he threw a very pretty long ball.
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    Three of those guys are playing some excellent football right now. Show me the "all-star" back ups or depth of D- line of the rest of the 30 teams and let's compare.
  4. Risen Star

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    Which three are playing excellent football?

    Every team might have a guy or two like that on the roster. When you have 7, you have a real problem.

    It's the worst DL depth chart I've seen here in over 20 years.
  5. SWG9

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    Hm. When we switched the to the 3-4 it only took -- what 8 years? -- to get a full set of LB's together to actually run the scheme properly (nevermind the lack of a true NT). Needless to say once we acquired the right set of LB's, we changed to a 4-3 the following season.

    Anyway, by my math we'll have a solid DL in 2020.
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    Because Hail Marys are such a productive play and nothing bad ever happens!

    Last season, these same folks complaining about Romo were saying that he had to quit taking chances and start taking what the defense was giving him. All those picks were because he was trying to force the big play downfield.

    Heck, there is a long thread here about Romo being a bad QB for trying to hit Witten 28 yards downfield and not hooking up with Beasley 8 yards out!

    You can't have it both ways, folks.

    Now, to beg the question, posters say that we have better talent than the last 10 SB winners and it proves our coaches are bad because we are not beating everyone by 21 points. Posting a fallacious fact and then using it to support your position is the classic definition of begging the question...
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    This team is absolutely talented enough to make the SB. The Giants won the SB a few years ago as the worst rushing team in the league and a defense riddled with injuries. You're telling me the Ravens of last year have more talent than Dallas? That's arguable.

    For whatever reason, this team lacks fire and a killer instinct. Whether it's coaching or the individual personalities on the team is a different question. All I know is if I keep seeing throws on third down short of the chains and an inability to throw it deep tomorrow, i'm probably going to set my jersey on fire after the game.

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