Personally, I'm gonna give Mr McCarthy some time

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcstar, Nov 27, 2020.

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    A) We have no choice as he will not be fired and B) I think he deserves some more time but C) his decision making is a concern I have.

    However, D) I have no idea what his job entails and how he has to deal with possible interference from management is the major reason.

    I do not know the level of participation from Booger but I was surprised when he said every game plan gets run by him before the game. Is this usual and customary, is that a job of GM's?

    I will say this, I was on board and he was one of my top 2's, the other went to WAS. I am having second thoughts on that now.
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  2. Idgit

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    He inherited a loaded roster. Our issues this season we’re self-inflicted. From implementing a complicated defense in the middle of a COVID offseason to losing his QB on a designed QB run play to hurting the team bad going for it on 4th downs at least three times when he should not have.

    Maybe he does a 180 and turns things around. I hope so. But more time when you’re going in the wrong direction just gets you more lost.
  3. Rockport

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    It would be stupid to fire the HC after just one season with all the injuries and lack of preparation time he had.
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  4. Rockport

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    And firing him after all that's going on just delays any building that he has been doing.
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    LOL, this roster wasn't "loaded." The offense was pretty talented, but that was before our three best OL and starting QB went down.

    The defense was never close to even good, much less loaded. And then we're playing guys like Rashard Robinson off the street.
  6. Bullflop

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    Neither Moore nor MM likely helped their cause with their decisions and faulty play calling. It's also questionable that the Dallas FO would respond to this team's woes with multiple terminations. Whether one or two coaching members are due for termination remains to be seen. There's probably any number of reasons why this team was affected so drastically. Far too many injuries and sickness, faulty management, poor morale and/or inept coaching all seem somewhat viable causes for our losses. The negative circumstances abound in 2020.
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  7. perrykemp

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    I was in favor of hiring him, however, Rodger's (and the Packers in general) success in GB the past couple of years since McCarthy left doesn't sit well with me.
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  8. JW82

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    I thought we would have seen more from him by now. If he cans Moore after the season and installs his offense, I will be more patient with him for another year.
  9. Kingofholland

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    He couldn't win with Rodgers? He had one complete losing season with Rodgers of 6-10. A 7-9 season where Rodgers missed 9 games, and his last year which was a partial season.
  10. ClappingCarrot

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    I've seen enough from Mike.

    Wanted Urban in January and I still do.
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  11. Kingofholland

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    I agree, what are your feelings on Nolan on his break do not bend complex scheme? Should he get more time too?
  12. Kingofholland

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    Offense was loaded, defense we knew had question marks in the secondary, health concerns at LB. The dline was a huge dissapointment and thought it would be much better.
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  13. MTerrazzano

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    I think the Jones family have to confess and realize they made a mistake with McCarthy. We are well passed the issues of lack of off-season, Covid, etc. Yes there are injuries, but the 4th and 10 fake punt call was too risky, and put his players in a position to lose a game. That's a major strike against any head coach -- never put your players in a position to lose a game. It wouldn't surprise me that the players tune him out for the rest of the season, which means McCarthy has lost the locker room. You never recover from this.
  14. dfense

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    I'll give him 5 more failed 4th down attempts inside your own 30.
  15. Rockport

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    Marinelli for sure had a bend but don't break defense but not sure on Nolan. His is more break and break. But I think he deserves another year.
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  16. atlantacowboy

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    He inherited an 8-8 team.
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  18. nightrain

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    Phew, a sigh of relief from camp Jones.
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  19. Reid1boys

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    why does he get more time? His in game decisions have been HORRIBLE.

    Look at his last 3 seasons in GB. His losing ways is not something new, and that was with Rodgers playing QB.
  20. Streetwise

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    Quite the skeleton crew to work with.
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