PFF Gives Dak Bad Grade

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PJTHEDOORS, Oct 17, 2016.


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    Ray Charles has been dead 13 yrs......even he can grade better than PFF from the grave
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    GB has an excellent defense that did everything in its power to cause confusion and disruption to Prescott's game, all to no avail. We won!
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    Good call. Anytime a dead blind man can do that, it's anything but a glowing recommendation for PFF, that's for sure! -- lol:thumbup:
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    That's pretty crazy, all right . . . they obviously didn't allow nearly enough for the fact that he did enough to beat Green Bay going away. Good grief -- how many rookies are likely to pass for over 66 percent of their attempts for 3 touchdowns and almost 250 yards? ;)
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    PFF's own post doesn't even make sense. "Under pressure it drops to 51.0" but also notes on plays where the Packers blitzed his rating is...130.7
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    Someone needs to explain how they have charted and graded the entire game within hours and without endzone views? It is complete and utter nonsense.
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    This is my issue with them also.
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    Do their grades factor in with who makes the play-offs? No?

    Then who cares?
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    That is more you not understand what the two things are which is no slight against you.

    Pressure means the quarterback is actually pressured or sacked. Blitzing means that the defense brings more than 4 rushers. So The defense can bring more than 4 rushers and still not get pressure. You can also get pressure without blitzing.

    I think we've all walked away from PFF because we've seen real inconsistencies, but they are on to something with this performance from Dak. I was stunned ho much praise he got. He missed a lot of key throws, and turned the ball over twice, and almost did it three times. These turnovers could have cost us the game if the defense didn't play as well as they did.
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    No, they aren't on to something -- their analysis is ridiculous, as is yours.

    One of Dak's turnovers was obviously not his fault considering he was hit while throwing. He missed a couple of throws during a very short shaky period, and then brushed it off to end in stellar fashion, including the game clinching TD. Oh, he also had a 117 rating against a very good defense. If you are "stunned" at the praise, then you are unfamiliar with how rookies tend to play under such circumstances.
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    PFF has no credibility.
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    He stood in the pocket too long and didn't hit his checkdown. His getting hit in the process was certainly his fault there. Statistically he gets away with it being a fumble rather than an interception, but that was entirely on him.

    I'm not saying he isn't playing well or playing well for a rookie, but people are suggesting he replace a top 5 QB. I think it's ridiculous. Had we lost this game, if we had the poor teams we've had in the past, and Romo made these mistakes he would have been tarred and feathered.

    Dak's mistakes here were worse than Romo's as they were all unforced to a degree. He could have hit that checkdown and he just let the ball slip out of his hands. The interception was on a very bad pass, and he got away with a couple others.
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    Let's try another stat...did the Cowboys win with both Zeke and Dak?
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    Well, at least we know why Dak threw his first interception

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    PFF has given Dak many good grades this year and I believe overall he is still one of the highest graded QBs for them this year. I don't think any QB with 2 fumbles and an interception is going to get a great grade, and most of our big plays were more on coaching. Dak also didn't do much with his legs and overalls probably had more utility in his higher scoring games.
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    Yep, but if Bulter had caught the bomb, he might not have...
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    So he wasn't perfect is what you are saying?

    117 qb rating and 76.6 total qbr suggest he was pretty dang good in green bay against a good defense run by a defensive mastermind.

    The fact that you have to point out that he dropped a ball and got hit while throwing, which were both probably going to be big plays, should tell you that you are exaggerating how bad he played.

    And yes...he did throw an interception yesterday...he is human after all.
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    They need to tweak their formula, it's wrong, but hey, the kid does have a few flaws to work on. The main one I can see is his accuracy when he has to change the ball's release point (throwing high with someone in his face or when he's off balance, etc). He can fix that with practice, heck, Romo can show him the drills he uses.
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    Do we have to give back the win?

    pff is pretty important.

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