PFT: League planning to hold draft in TV studio setting

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Mar 22, 2020.

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    League planning to hold draft in TV studio setting - ProFootballTalk


    The NFL draft will proceed as expected, but with a look and feel that no one ever would have expected for the league's premier offseason event. Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times reports that "current plans call for some type of studio setting with cut-ins from the headquarters of the teams making the selection at [more]

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    That includes references, innuendos, etc.

    If you want to discuss the Coronavirus, use the Coronavirus Zone forum for that!
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  3. JPM

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    I’m going to miss hearing people boo Roger.
  4. unionjack8

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    As long as I get to watch the draft I dont really care on its format. I would imagine that ESPN and NFLN will have all the regulars on video conference.
    Will if be different hell yeah but it's also the best 3 days of the whole football season.
    Dont screw this up jerry
  5. big dog cowboy

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    I'm much more interested in who the Cowboys draft than whatever format the draft is presented.

    Give me the clock, the announced pick, who is on the clock next, give me details of trades and lets move on.
  6. Sage3030

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    This might actually turn about to be better than the regular draft. Less pomp and circumstance and more getting on with the business of football.
  7. Typhus

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    I understand that this forum doesn't want to be over run with the CV threads, but at some point we need to recognize that the CV does have a direct affect on even this forums posting of league wide actions.
  8. koolaid

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    I think this setting could be much better than the usual routine.
  9. bigdnlaca

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    The draft should be moved to Saturday morning like it used to be and do the draft in one day. Its not like they are going up against other sports at this time.
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  10. mooseq

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    Why would the draft be in a tv studio setting. Can some one please explain in details? Thanks in advance
  11. Reality

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    You can post this article in the CVZ forum and discuss it all you want. In this forum, it's not being allowed.

    I will also be glad to move this thread to the CVZ forum if most people prefer that, but I would like to leave it here for now.
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  12. Reality

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    Because no one can attend the normal event and in a TV studio, they can easily link with every team's head quarters when needed.
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  13. RodeoJake

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    That's my thoughts on the matter. Sometimes they make it into a Hollywood hyped premiere instead of a sporting event.
  14. mcmvp

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  15. AbeBeta

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    If there is no chance of getting trolled by a squeaky-voiced kicker, then I'm not watching.
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  16. GMO415

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    Just have a "Boo" soundtrack available, and it will feel "normal."
  17. Avery

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    Perhaps this will also make the draft go a bit quicker which would be fine with me.
  18. cowboyed

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    Not a bad idea actually. However, they should theme it like Maury though to increase the primal entertainment value commensurate with pro-football.

    Can you picture it instead of Goodell opening up an envelope containing paternity test results, it's the draft pick. Meanwhile the owners and GM's of teams are tackling, duking it out in the background.
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  19. StarBoyz83

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    The Draft isnt something to watch. I just look it up later and see who Dallas got and who went where the 1st 2 rounds.
  20. NorthwestDallas40

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    They will have a boo audio track for that and all Jets’ choices

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