Please keep the negativity to a reasonable amount and stop pounding on positive posters

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Kane Ala
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It's the offseason of a bitterly disappointing season last year. Tensions are high and people are understandably sick of not being at the top of the heap. So every year the negativity rises. We understand and we live thru it year after year as you do.

It's fine to post something negative here and there but if we see you going into every thread being negative and mocking those with more positive outlooks then we're going to lock you out of the thread. If we see it continue beyond reason then don't be surprised if a staff member benches you.

Again not saying you can't post something negative or critical about the team. You can't deny the overall lack of success since 95. Just be judicious, pithy, but not offensive with your critique.

We're all here because we love the Cowboys.
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