Prediction on Beasley

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by darthseinfeld, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. darthseinfeld

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    Buffalo pays him to go away next offseason

    Big mouth

    Weak game
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  2. jazzcat22

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    I am somewhat interested in seeing what he does there.
    I am glad he is gone in a way. But if he has success there, I will not rue that he is gone.

    Matter of fact I would like him and the Bills to be successful, at least in beating NE twice. Otherwise, I will take it game by game as to who they play. Not that it directly impacts us, other than the 4 NFC teams they will play. But I also like to see the Bengals win, so it would impact them in a way.
  3. Longboysfan

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    Let him have a year in the bright sun.
    Then fade away with the $$$$ he got.
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  4. nightrain

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  5. daboyzruleperiod

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  6. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Beasley has been exiled to Siberia.
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  7. jay94

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    His game is fine, but now instead of playing with an average qb, he is playing with one of the worst qbs.
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  8. Melonfeud

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    I was thinking the other day(as I'm wont to do on occasions) if only the #11's footballish type "head for the game" could've somehow been magically superimposed upon the #80's shoulders,,, that would've been a fearsome roadgrader in the slot position,,,whew! It gives me the warm&fuzzy chills,,,o_O
  9. Idgit

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    He doesn’t have a weak game. He’s a good role player. He does have a big mouth, but whatever. Dude backs it up.
  10. Rayman70

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    Beasley will be will take time for Dak to get on the same page with the group we have. I think we start clicking well at wr by week 4. That said, I don't see it working out well for him in football Buffalo. Not a knock on him, but Buffalo still hasn't proven they have a plan offensively. Not sure he will have the numbers he thinks he will have. Allen can be special at QB...but it will depend on other factors. I worry about the oline in Buffalo. As a result, it will be a rough go for Bease.
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  11. csirl

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    I think he'll be one of those players who dissappoints after receiving a payday.
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  12. LACowboysFan1

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    He knew that Dallas would not give him another big contract, given his age and his part time status, and some cheap rookie could do a lot of what he does, so he went for the bucks, and a possible chance, given he's a veteran receiver on a team with a young quarterback, to be the go-to or safety valve receiver, and get more balls thrown his way.

    He also has little competition on the Bills, there's no Amari Cooper to compete for passes, e.g.

    We like to think players should be loyal to the team that they first played with, but after playing for 7 years, his career is on the downslope, he needs to grab what he can while he can. Most of us would do the same, sorry to see him go, but like they say, it's business....
  13. Doomsday101

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    Hard to say, I do think Cole enters the Bills team as the most established Wideout they now have and think a young QB like Josh Allen will lean on Beasley a lot. While Cole lacks speed he does have very good quickness to get open quickly. I think he puts up decent numbers but Bills have too many Holes for Cole to help that much
  14. Melonfeud

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    * The #11 WAS the smartest/ most savvy of footballish bullets in the COWBOYS gun in the opening game of the "18" season,,, er,,,that was being fielded,,,er,,,just sayin'o_O
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  15. GenoT

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    He’s gonna freeze his rap off in Buffalo.
  16. Reverend Conehead

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    It will be Dallas versus Buffalo in the Super Bowl, and Beasley will catch the winning Hail Mary TD pass. In the post game interview, Garrett will say, "I let Beasley get away because I'm a pinko commie." Then Beasley will wake up, bummed that his idiotic dream wasn't real.
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  17. timb2

    timb2 Well-Known Member

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    Beasley is now in obscurity. People will forget about him and he will get cut in a year or two.
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  18. Melonfeud

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    He'll probably get hurt playing, in an effort of 'proving' his worth to his new team
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  19. kskboys

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    I predict that I won't care.
  20. kskboys

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