Put some Respect on Dak's name

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by SnakeBite, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Serious question and I’m not trying to “call you out”
    (Some of the other non-Dak fans are extremely sensitive at this time)

    What about the fact he has the highest completion percentage of any qb through the first 3 years of a career?

    Or about having the most game winning drives since 2016?

    I haven’t seen your opinion on these stats and would like to hear it.
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    When you Don't know Jack about football, you have to revert to the commonly held belief that if team A wins, that means team A has an amazing quarterback

    It's a pathetic lazy Man's analysis, but for the chattering hordes of malcontents and helps them feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves and makes them believe that they're actually in the know
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    Put some originality in your title.
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    Maybe you should mark the times where you see these heinous acts of intentionally seeking injuries, because the only one I saw that could be even mistaken as such was the tackle on Beasley, which looked like a clean tackle to me.
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    And Let the Congregation say AMEN
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    You forgot to include Romo.
  8. America's Cowboy

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    Nope. All those hits are directly at the knees or ankles. Absolutely no need for that.
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    Oh brother........
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    The disrespect is based on the fact that he will in fact throw some nice passes, he is wildly inconsistent with deep passes. For example, the last series against the Giants. 1st down -Terrible pass to Cooper that would have been a TD, 2nd down terrible overthrow, 4th down a strike!

    End of half against the Seahawks - terrible pass to Gallup in the endzone- it was 5 yards out of bounds I think - and then a great pass. He is terribly late with throws at times - you see it on almost all of the outs he throws. There was one throw to Cooper in the first half where he had a 5 yard separation out of his break and by the time the ball got there it was close to a pick 6.These passes result in 3-6 point halves like we have seen. So from the pure QB perspective, he leaves a lot to be desired. We have seen probably 10-15 overthrows this year of wide open WR's.

    Now, he makes up for a lot of his flaws in intangibles and I don't think anyone can deny that but show me a list of QB's that have won Super Bowls with intangibles rather than pure passing skills. It is not too long. Even Russell Wilson had only 26 yards rushing in their Super Bowl win. He was the intangible king early on in his career and he developed his passing skills later.

    Dak is not a natural thrower of the football - you see this in all the simple accuracy competitions he gets beat in.

    So when you see these pundints showing lack of respect, it is based on his lack of traditional QB skills - that is just a fact. It does not mean he can't win with the skills he has, it will just be one of the first times that we see a QB do it whose passing skills are not his #1 ability!
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    Come on AC, some of those aren't even getting hit, but pushed OB.
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    This overall discussion was stale before the season began. The bottom line is that NFL football is a team sport, and nobody can truly succeed without help from others. In addition, the entire league is designed to prevent sustained success by a handful of teams. The best thing you can do for the Dallas Cowboys is to find rich, supermodel wives for all of our key players so that they can take team-friendly contracts. While you're at it, reconfigure the conference and divisions so that we're 'forced' to play the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins twice each year.

    Nobody will argue that Barry Sanders was one of the best RBs to ever play. He had exactly 1 playoff win during his entire career. There are posters here who have said they'd take Stafford over Dak, even though Stafford has never won a playoff game.

    You like Phillip Rivers? Since 2004, he's won a whopping total of 4 playoff games, and the other three were over ten years ago. Rivers is a helluva QB.

    The Saints have a HOF QB and a great coach. Since their SB win in '09, they've won exactly 3 playoff games. Hell, we've been to the playoffs more times than they have since 2014. Nobody is calling for Sean to be fired.

    While true, the 'we haven't done jack since '95' is irrelevant. I care about 'what have you done for me lately', and our team has been getting it done.
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    In the words of the great Zeke : Dak is a grown *** man :clap:
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    you never played football I take it.
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    Nah. Just a two time all state high school player and a junior college athlete.
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    Could be credited to Garrett and co. Protecting him by making sure he has a high completion % by keeping throws short and easy and doesn’t make to many turnovers. Imo Garrett an linehan get a lot of credit for daks success along with Zeke and the defense
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    I hear you brother Im sick of the disrespect by the media but Im most disturbed when I come here so a site that is supposed to be for COWBOY FANS and have to hear and see the DISRESPECT for our QB from fake fans that come and troll our site .

    We are having a great season and Dak is a big part of it just because he is not doing it in the fashion we have been used to dose not make him any less the winner . Dak is a great football player and a Winner who has motivated his team to play above there heads with his clutch play like no QB since Roger .

    Jack Wagons like the DOG are putting a damper on our season we have not had a lot to cheer about in the last 20 yrs It sucks coming here to enjoy some camaraderie and seeing there crap
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