QBs drafted in first round between 2009-2016

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    I made this list just to show everyone how HARD it is to draft a QB in the first round. Everyone wants to talk about how easy it is. Well. Here is your proof.

    Sanchez-out of the league
    Freeman-out of the league
    Bradford-out of the league
    Tebow-out of both leagues
    Locker-out of the league
    Ponder-out of the league
    Griffin III-Backup
    Manuel-I honestly dont know
    Weeden-Out of the league
    Manziel-No need to say where he is
    Bridgewater-About to be a backup again
    Winston-Probably going to start again but as of now. Backup

    Looking at that. Do you trust getting a good QB? Don't forget who is drafting either. All of you are so concerned with the cap that you forget how HARD it is to find a QB. Not just a QB, but a QB who puts up the numbers that Dak does when this team is healthy. Some say he needs talent around him.
    Mahomes didn't look like Mahomes without his OL either.

    Some of you need a slice of humble pie and need to realize you are NOT NFL GM's. And there is reasons for that. I will get ripped for this thread and I don't care. I was around watching us fumble around for a QB after Romo and Ill be damned if I go down without a fight to never see that again.

    And if you want to come at me about the list. The one from 2016-now is even worse.
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    "Some of you need a slice of humble pie and need to realize you are NOT NFL GM'S "

    But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night..............
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    Several weeks ago I posted something similar going back to 2000 and first round QB's had a 65% failure rate even going back that far.
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    EJ Manuel is out of the league. He is an analyst for the ACC Network.
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    @phildadon86 Can you send this list to Urban Meyer and the other 30 teams in the NFL? That way all 9 teams in front of the Cowboys will pass on Trevor Lawrence and the other teams won’t trade up for Lawrence.

    Cowboys draft Trevor Lawrence. Works for me.
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    They seem to have done WAY better the last 4 years

    QBs drafted in the 1st round from 2017-2020

    2017: Patrick Mahomes....Best QB in the NFL?
    2017: Deshawn Watson....4 years, 3 Pro Bowls.... stud
    2017: Mitch Trubisky. 1 Pro Bowl, but honestly, not a good starter
    2018: Lamar Jackson....NFL MVP 2019, All Pro
    2018: Baker Mayfield...solid NFL starter
    2018: Sam Darnold...NFL starter, but still tbd
    2018: Josh Rosen.....backup
    2019: Josh Allen....top 4 QB in 2020..2nd team All Pro
    2019: Kyler Murray....good starter with upside
    2019: Daniel Jones...NFL starter with upside
    2019: Dwayne Haskins....backup
    2020: Joe Burrow....NFL starter and possible future star
    2020: Justin Herbert....NFL starter and possible future star
    2020: Tua Tagovailoa....NFL starter, but more uncertain...tbd
    2020: Jordan Love.....no idea because he's behind Aaron Rodgers

    So 15 drafted
    12 starters....8 good or great....4 starting but need to show more
    3 backups....2 are flops so far, 1 has not had a chance yet after 1 year
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    1) Are teams reaching for QBs?
    2) Are scouts wrongly evaluating QB talent and potential?
    3) Is the college game much different than the NFL for QBs?
    4) Are NFL teams failing to develop QBs or trying to make them into something they are not?
    5) Are teams taking known gambles at QB in the 1st because the reward is worth the risk?
  8. DFWJC

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    The last 4 years, there have only been a couple of non-starter quality QBs taken in the first round
    2 out of 15
    and a ton of stars or future stars
    Maybe the evaluation process has improved, but yes, teams do still reach at times.
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    wow. EJ Manuel is out of the league too. I agree, no more Hutchinson days please.
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    Spread offenses becoming a thing changed the NFL. And the way QBs are looked at has changed. People started looking for QBs more like Brees or Wilson less like Manning or Brady
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    Fortunately, we've got the shrewdest front office in football. Booger & Son couldn't possibly miss. :muttley:
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    Everything you say is accurate. If Dallas just lets Dak walk, more likely than not they are screwed.

    I was around for the post Aikman years and that was painful. OTOH, I was around for the years after Romo's extension where a gutted shell of a team found a way to lose with great regularity as Romo tried to win by himself and he got blamed for losing shootouts. I was even around for Aikman's later years where he looked pretty mediocre when the talent around him was gone.

    The best answer is a long enough deal that Dak's cap hit is minimized in the short term so that Dallas doesn't have to cut the next Byron Jones. The second best answer is to just give him the short deal that he craves and if the team blows up, at least you don't have to eat his salary and you can start down the rebuild road with a clean slate.

    The reason why this topic gets soooo much discussion is because there really is no good answer. Purely from Dak's perspective, its in his best interest to just keep taking the franchise tag until he gets a ludicrous deal. Don't be surprised if that's what happens.
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    The improvement is likely more because of (1) the college style offenses that teams are now running and (2) the increased QB protection the rules now provide.

    It's a more QB friendly league than ever.

    It's not that these guys are any better now. It's just easier to be an average QB or better now than it's ever been.

    There is absolutely NO reason to pay Dak an insane contract.
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    First thing on the list:

    Stafford - traded

    Presented in a negative way, when in fact Stafford was wanted by 10+ teams and was traded for a kings ransom.
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    Drafting a QB in the first round is nothing but a cr#pshoot unless you have the #1 overall pick and a consensus generational talent is sitting there like Elway, Aikman, Manning, Luck and maybe Lawrence.

    Super Bowl Winning QBs in descending order:
    TB12 - 6th round - 2000
    Mahomey - 10th overall - 2017
    TB12 - 6th round - 2000
    Nick Foles - 2nd round - 2012
    TB12 - 6th round - 2000
    P Manning - #1 overall - 1998
    TB12 - 6th round - 2000
    Wilson - 3rd round - 2012
    Flacco - #18 overall - 2008
    E Manning - #1 Overall - 2004
    Rodgers - #22 overall 2005
    Rothlisberger - #11 Overall 2004
    Brees - 2nd round #32 overall
    E Manning - #1 overall 2004
    P Manning - #1 overall 1998
    Rothlisberger - #11 overall 2004
    TB12 - 6th round 2000
    TB12 - 6th round 2000
    Brad Johnson (lolz) - 9th round 1992
    TB12 - 6th round 2000

    3 total top 10 QBs won a SB in the last 20 years. 2 were named Manning, and one was Mahomes. And only ONE top 10 drafted since 2005 QB has won a SB in the last 15 years. ONE. It's all luck, man.
  16. NickZepp

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    Won 45% of his games. Never won a playoff game.
  17. Turk

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    Brady skews the numbers; a one off. Trying to use that to defend not taking first rd QBs is just as stupid as the post talking about 2009-2016 and then ignoring the last 4 years.

    Instead look at all the starting QBs in the SB the last 20 years that is a much more balanced look.
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    IMO they are being drafted by bad teams (Jets, Cincy, Bears, etc), a Rookie QB on a bad team doesn't make the team good. Its all about the team the QB is drafted to...IE Cowboys had Romo and wasn't going to waste a 1st round pick on a QB,, but a late round pick for DAK worked out because they had a great OL, WRs and tough RB. Now just need to get this dude signed
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    Some of you need to realize you're not a billionaire who can buy a team and pretend you're an NFL GM.

    I mean, you're not even a son of one who can pretend to be a Director of Player Personnel and his eventual successor.

    Gosh! Get a grip!
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    That gets a like
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