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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JDSmith, Oct 7, 2016.

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    It doesn't have to be clear, but it does have to be small. I've gone and I got what amounts to an oversized coin purse and it's black. They didn't trip when I took it in.
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    Slip them like $50-100 they let slide if its not crazy big

    Cash money cash cash money
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    They are very inconsistent about purse size. I have seen women carrying purses like a Louis Vuitton clutch and larger and get in no problem. I have also had to take my girlfriends LV clutch purse back to my truck because they said it was too big. Last year it was ok. Carry one at your own risk.
  4. poke

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    Purse & Bag Policy

    In an effort to enhance public safety, AT&T Stadium has modified its security policy by limiting the size and style of bags allowed in the stadium.

    Prohibited Bags | Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:


    • All purses, bags or containers larger than a small clutch bag
    • Backpacks
    • Binocular case - Binoculars may be worn around the neck
    • Briefcases
    • Camera bags
    • Cinch bags
    • Computer bags
    • Coolers
    • Fanny packs
    • Luggage of any kind
    • Seat Cushions
    Approved Bags

    • Clear Tote - Plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12"x6"x12"
    • Plastic Storage Bag - Clear, one(1) gallon, re-sealable
    • Small Clutch Purse - Approximately the size of a hand with or without a handle or strap. No larger than 5.5" x 8.5" (this size of this sheet) with or without a handle or strap. Can be carried separately or within an approved plastic bag.
    An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at a gate designated for this purpose. Please limit the number of items you bring to the stadium on event days.

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  5. Mr_C

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    Greed masked as a security measure. They really have no shame.
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  6. theebs

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    I used to love to bring my camera put a bigger lens on it and go down by the cowboys tunnel and take pictures. Texas stadium was awesome.

    Now, I can't bring my camera in and you can't go in a section where you do not have tickets.

    It was the biggest bummer of the new stadium to me. I had to walk all the way back to my car and put my camera back when they kicked in this new policy in 2010.
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  7. Mr_V

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    You can pack a gun but no purses.:lmao:
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  8. YosemiteSam

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    If I have this made in clear plastic, would it be okay?

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  9. theebs

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    True Story

    the 2010 oakland preseason game my friend and I were in line to get in the gates and the guy in front of us had a gun. He acted like it was no big deal and he was real mouth about it. took about two seconds for a couple giant police officers to come over and he was mouth with them also. They pulled him out of line, took the gun and they all walked back towards where the cops came from.

    How dumb do you have to be to bring a gun to a football game? What goes through peoples heads when they make a decision like that?
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  10. YosemiteSam

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    The camera is all about money. They do a similar (possible the same now) thing here except they limit the size of the lens. They don't want people taking commercial quality images of the game because only people that pay to take them get too.

    They would allow the 18-55mm lens, but I had my 55-250mm lens in a hidden pocket in my jacket. :) Down with the machine!
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  11. Mr_V

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    Only need to pack a gun if your in Philly watching the boys.:D
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  12. Trouty

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    I am incredulous that more aren't making a bigger deal about this. A clear purse. You have got to be kidding me. I go to a ton of Angel and Kings games -- in Los Angeles -- to Chavez Revine, Anaheim Stadium, and Staples Center. You get metal detected, bags/purses searched, and that's a wrap. Such a ridiculous "purse" rule doesn't exist. It shouldn't.

    This is almost Orwellian. Or am I being dramatic? A clear damn purse? Really?

    Someone is buying into the local "bad guy" narrative it seems, everyone is a terrorist. This is clearly overkill.

    Sorry to you folks who sport purses. This is sad. Still wouldn't stop me from going to a **** ton of Cowboys games if I was a local (tho, to be fair, I don't tote a purse). :)

    But wow. Just wow. A clear purse. And it isn't scoffed at nearly as much as it should be.

    /end rant
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  13. Mr_V

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    I can't relate to this gun stuff. I am from Canada I can't even pack a toy gun on the street.
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  14. Boyzmamacita

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    Yeah, women tend to carry very personal stuff. I guess they're forcing everyone to purchase unmentionables at the stadium. Money grab moreso than security.
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  15. Pessimist_cowboy

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    I was at At&t stadium last year, I took a mini helmet to get signed at the pre game tailgate. Don't know if it was just this security guard or an actual rule but the security guard told me I couldn't take in the signed mini helmet. I had taxied to the tailgate and walked to the stadium from tailgate. There was no way I was giving it up with Charles Haley,Ed jones, and drew pearsons autograph.

    Long story short I walked toward a residential area near stadium found a really bushy plant and hid it the helmet in middle of bush. After game was over it was still there. Got lucky that day.
  16. unreeaal

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    Took the family to the giants game and we had a camera that they measured the lens on. It was less than three inches so was no problem, however the security guard then said "cameras fine, but no camera bag" which was made perfectly for the size of the camera. I argued for a minute and decided to try a different security guard. Tried a different person and she let it through no issues. Other thing is we had bought a mini football the day before at the gift shop and wanted to bring it in because we had pregame sideline passes. We get told at the gate, "no footballs allowed" I thought to myself I guess they don't want people throwing them on the field because I couldn't think of any other reason. Lo and behold 10 feet past the gate there's a huge display of footballs (all sizes) for sale. Its all about the money.
  17. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Lol insane similar to my story. I think it depends what security guard it is. Some try to act like a robocop and take their job way too serious. I didn't see mini footballs or mini helmets as prohibited items.
  18. Trouty

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    It really is damned unfortunate for y'all women that go there. Like I said earlier, I would still go (I'm a male, and don't use a purse), but I wouldn't be happy knowing fellow Cowboy fans are subjected to such a gnarly rule and are, thus, forced into the Cowboys Store to buy their own personal products, or even a bag to hold their makeup, etc.
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  19. Redball Express

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    in case you had not noticed..

    we are at war against terrorists who carry bombs and guns.

    Your question is so pedestrian, bro.

    Contact the security at the Star and ask your question.

    but I bet you get a knock on the door in about 30 minutes from Homeland Security.

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