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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Oct 20, 2013.

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    Anyone who thought the eagles were not going to be aggressive up front on defense and bring a fight on their own turf underestimated their team.

    The cowboys offense plays much better at home than on the road. And add a rookie RB making his first start. Add all the holding from the eagles defensive backs that was not getting called and that makes for a tough day - But they got the job done and did make some nice plays.

    I think the offense will be more open next week against detroit - score close to 30 points.
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    Apparently you didn't read the original post.... Haha, that's funny!!!
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    The Escobar pick is getting worse with each passing game. He was suppose to allow us to use our 12 package like the Pats, but it turns out that our 12 package sucks. So we go spread with multiple WRs instead and the offense looks way better. A second round pick should be a starter for your team if you got any idea of how to draft. When you are using second round picks on guys that are Casper on game day, time to chew out the scouting department.

    Basically we spent a 2nd round pick as an insurance policy in case Witten gets hurt..........................................like I said, that pick is looking worse with each game that passes.

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