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    So lately I've gotten into the RC hobby. I had a flybarless helicopter a couple of years ago but hadn't really mastered it. The wife got me an F100 Ghost drone for Christmas, which got me started on other RC's. The drone came with a GoPro but I'm going to mod it to add an FPV.

    I recently bought a snowmobile that I'm going to mod. Parts are on the way. And I just bought a ZD Thunder ZMT-10 10427 brushless monster truck that I was hoping to mod at some point as well. It's a 2S/3S truck but I'm reading 3S might wear down the differential gears. There are mixed reviews on that though.

    Anyone else have interest in RC's?
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    Around 2003 I purchased a Raptor 50 gas powered Helicopter. I few it until i moved to NY area in 2005. I didn't have time or find a close place to fly it so I ended up selling it in early 2006.

    The one I had was similar to this one.

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    I have been thinking of getting a remote-controlled Jeep. I hope to by summer.
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    I used to be into this hobby years ago. I was mostly into electric. I had like 2-3 airplanes and a helicopter. All were very fun. I was just getting good at flying too when I quit. I didn't quit for any particular reason, just other things in life taking my interest at the time I guess. I've often thought about getting another one.

    I had a plane called the Parkzone Stryker. One of my favorite planes. Was quick and a blast to fly. I don't think they make them anymore. :(

    Here is a stock picture of one.
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    Oh I still keep an app on my Android phone that lets me fly RC helicopters too. It's called Absolute RC Heli Sim.

    They have several other ones too if you search for Absolute RC on play.google.com

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    Nice hobby.

    Use to have a small hobby shop that sold such things.

    I'm into model trains myself.
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    You old coot! :laugh:
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    thought this was about RC Cola.
    thats what I get for not payin 'tention.

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