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Refrigerator Repair Story

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Creeper, Sep 17, 2022.

  1. Vtwin

    Vtwin Power and Performance

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    I've been around my step-fathers appliance business for over 40 years. What I've learned is, stick to the familiar brands known for producing appliances. Keep it simple, avoid the fancy features.

    One thing that's changed over that time is that back then the mom and pop appliance stores around here all had service/parts departments. Now none of them do.
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  2. Creeper

    Creeper Well-Known Member

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    If it was just the refrigerator compartment not cooling, then I would say that was exactly the problem I had and the guy replaced the heater, bi-metal sensor, another temperature sensor and some other parts. But the problem was obvious from the ice buildup around the cooling coils. And the ice was blocking the fan which made an audible noise. The fan had to be replaced too. But, my freezer functioned normally, until I had to unplug the entire unit to prevent a fire from the incorrect heater he installed.

    On thing I discovered I think they should change is a way to shut off the refrigerator completely while keepimg the freezer working. That would have saved me some money on all the food in the freezer I had to throw out.
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  3. Ranching

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    I bought an entire Samsung appliance set about 7 years ago...I've had issues with all of them. Several times....good thing I have a good home warranty....
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  4. triplets_93

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    My problem was that the circuit board was not having the freezer defrost when it should. The ice would build up, and that blocked the cold air from circulating into the refrigerator, as so forth.

    I found the codes to manually put the freezer into a defrost mode. Running that several times would fix thing for awhile. As a result of that problem, I now keep thermometers in the freezer and the refrigerator. I like to able to spot check the temp. there anytime I think it may not be as cols as I think it is. But it's always okay. Just me thinking otherwise for some reason..

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