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Remember the David Irving 2018 2nd round Tender

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by xwalker, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    46,657 Messages
    47,027 Likes Received
    Some debates about players reminded me of last year's debate about David Irving "only" getting a 2nd round tender.

    Some were up in arms that the Cowboys might lose him and "only" get a 2nd round pick in return.
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  2. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

    14,639 Messages
    10,218 Likes Received
    That name is NOT to be spoken!
  3. DeathMonkey

    DeathMonkey Well-Known Member

    6,328 Messages
    10,682 Likes Received
    Think he'll give his former teammates a friends and family discount on his new products?
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  4. CF74

    CF74 Vet Min Plus

    26,201 Messages
    14,680 Likes Received
    So basically we missed out on a second that nobody would have given for the giant mental midget...:D
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  5. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

    42,582 Messages
    43,730 Likes Received
    Well in hindsight they should have not made a tender, and let him sign elsewhere.
    At least we may have got comp pick.
  6. speedkilz88

    speedkilz88 Well-Known Member

    30,773 Messages
    13,771 Likes Received
    You don't get a comp pick in that situation.
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  7. cern

    cern Well-Known Member

    10,966 Messages
    15,121 Likes Received
    I was hoping someone would get him and we'd get the second round pick. would jimmy, parcells or belichik have put up with his bs? jerry's last act concerning a player. well, maybe randy Gregory who seems to be jerry's pet cat. but I get the feeling it's about time to move on from him too.
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  8. Knotamus

    Knotamus Zone Supporter

    1,129 Messages
    2,635 Likes Received
    Pretty sure @jazzcat22 meant..

    By placing the 2nd Rd tender on the ‘Dumbell’ better known as David Irving.. had another team came in and offered Irving a contract and signed him.. Dallas would have received a 2nd rd pick this year from the team that signed him. Hence the “2nd Rd tender” designation.

    It’s a way to secure the rights of a restricted FA. Much like Dallas will do next year with Jaylon Smith. Yet I assume, Jaylon will receive a 1st Rd tender I’m sure.
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  9. Nightman

    Nightman Capologist

    27,135 Messages
    24,061 Likes Received
    That was wrong choice with the knowledge we had at the time

    He was our starting 3T and the missing link to a top Defense

    Losing him over saving 1.2 would have been stupid
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  10. Knotamus

    Knotamus Zone Supporter

    1,129 Messages
    2,635 Likes Received
    Think we can all admit that Irving had 1st rd talent. The FO knew he was a troubled player and we don’t know what promises Irving was given the team. Had Dallas known he was the type of idiot that would video his “retirement” via Twitter smoking weed.. I’m sure they would have placed a 3rd or 4th on him in hopes another team would take him. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I’ll admit, I was ok with the 2nd rd tender last year. But I’ll also admit I never though anyone could be this dumb.
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  11. GenoT

    GenoT Well-Known Member

    4,581 Messages
    7,806 Likes Received
    Who even offered us a 2nd for Irving?
  12. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    32,549 Messages
    26,054 Likes Received
    Nobody and nobody was going to. I can see maybe a 3rd.
  13. Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer Well-Known Member

    3,062 Messages
    6,193 Likes Received
    Apparently the league thought it was too high. In this case, the word "it" may refer to the pick or the player.... either one.
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  14. Iago33

    Iago33 Well-Known Member

    2,195 Messages
    931 Likes Received
    Good thing the front office has more information than we do!
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  15. Manwiththeplan

    Manwiththeplan Well-Known Member

    12,856 Messages
    6,204 Likes Received
    Which was the argument that was ignored by most. Whether it worked out in hindsight or not, the cost was only an additional $1.2 million. Did we use that $1.2 million last year, no. Are we gonna use that $1.2 million this year since it rolls over, no. With the information that was available to the public, we could have gave him the first round tender, and then still dealt him for a 2nd. Hell, we could have dealt him for a conditional 6th rounder, despite his original tender.
    Nightman likes this.
  16. Hennessy_King

    Hennessy_King Well-Known Member

    9,225 Messages
    13,348 Likes Received
    Nah I was spot on. I was hoping and praying a team would give us a 2nd rounder for him. Shoot I woulda taken a 3rd. I knew the kid was a disaster. You can't trust a man with blond streaks in his hair
    Furboy likes this.
  17. Melonfeud

    Melonfeud I Copy!,,, er,,,I guess,,,ah,,,maybe. Zone Supporter

    20,962 Messages
    31,995 Likes Received
    I recall the prior concern of which you speak of xwalker,though I don't recall participating in the fervor much, other than being glad in seeing the overt action by the franchise in it's attempted retention of the ripped nipple x#95o_O
  18. speedkilz88

    speedkilz88 Well-Known Member

    30,773 Messages
    13,771 Likes Received
    Way late, but no he was saying with hindsight we shouldn't have tendered him. There is no comp pick when the team refuses to tender the player.
  19. cowboyfan4lyfe

    cowboyfan4lyfe Active Member

    320 Messages
    157 Likes Received
    Why? If marijuana is allowed under the new agreement and the clapper is gone as HC. It could be a possibility.
  20. Verdict

    Verdict Well-Known Member

    21,071 Messages
    14,681 Likes Received
    I was hoping someone would pick him up for that 2nd rounder.

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