Report Card Grades for the 2019 Defense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jan 18, 2020.

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    Earlier, I posted grades on the 2019 offense and STs. I gave the offense a B+ overall, with varying grades for individual players. STs got a D. Would have been an F if not for Kai Forbath hitting all 10 of his FGs and XP’s the last 3 games...but I digress. This is about the Defense.

    Defense Overall Grade: C-
    • DL
      • DeMarcus Lawrence. Grade: C-. Coming off his Off season shoulder surgery, we knew DLaw would start slow, but for the millions he’s getting paid, he was still a disappointment despite occasional flashes.
      • Robert Quinn. Grade: B+. Quinn was the best pass rusher we had and the most consistent with 11.5 sacks. Not great against the run but his pass rush made up for it.
      • Maliek Collins. Grade: C. Started all 16 games and had 4 sacks. He’s ok but nothing that would justify the FA cash he will garner to keep him.
      • Michael Bennett- Grade: C-. Mid-season trade was a good idea but is a shadow of what he once was. Made a few plays but omg the offsides penalties.
      • AnTuan Woods- Grade: C-. Missed 6 games to injury and was very inconsistent.
      • Kerry Hyder- Grade: B-. Hyder was a solid contributor, if not spectacular. Played multiple positions and played hard every down. Solid guy in the rotation.
      • Dorrance Armstrong- Grade: C. Still has lots of upside and can grow into his talent. Played in 15 games.
      • Trysten Hill- Grade: F. Lazy and was a healthy scratch a whopping nine games. In the 7 games he did play, he only occasionally looked like an NFL player. Bust label is lurking if he doesn’t get serious and work hard.
    • LBs
      • Jaylon Smith- Grade: C-. After signing the big contract it was as if he lost his drive. A big disappointment although he flashed some good plays at times, very inconsistent.
      • LVE- Grade: C-. Hurt most of the year. When he played he looked out of position a lot. Still a great talent so hoping this was just a fluke season.
      • Sean Lee- Grade: B. Sean Lee is always the most prepared player on defense. He seems to have lost a step but was our best LB this past season.
      • Backups- Grade: C. Joe Thomas is good- the rest are just jerseys.
    • DBs
      • Byron Jones- Grade: C+. Still a good cover man but couldn’t catch a cold. Never, ever, never has an INT. Great talent but I think we should let him walk.
      • Chidobe Awuzie- Grade: D. Very inconsistent. Even got benched a series in Philly. Has talent but seemingly takes plays off.
      • Jourdan Lewis- Grade: B-. Good in coverage. Showed flashes after Anthony Brown was hurt. He will probably be a full time starter next year.
      • Anthony Brown- Grade C. Pretty decent in coverage before season ending injury. If the price is right, may be worth keeping.
      • Xavier Woods- Grade: C. Had 2 picks which for this D is a lot. Has good coverage skills but not a great tackler. IMO he’s not a long term answer at S.
      • Jeff Heath- Grade: C-. I’ve usually felt Heath was better than many fans thought but in 2019 he was average at best. Hits like a freight train but that alone doesn’t make you an NFL S.
      • Backups- Grade: C-. Nothing special about any of them.
    So looking at final grades for all team areas:
    • Defense: C-
    • Offense: B+
    • STs: D
    Pretty much explains 8-8.
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    Just off of watching the games live I thought Byron was better than a C, I also felt losing Brown hurt us a bit, so maybe he deserves a higher grade.

    Heath seemed like he was better than expected this season and stretch to give him a B-.

    The coaches deserve a lot of the blame for us not getting ints. I dont go back and watch film though so have at it.
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  3. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Throw coaching in there and yes 8-8 is what you get.
  4. RS12

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    Defense needs new blood on every level, most of all on the Dline. DLine still a mess after whiffing on recent high picks.
  5. 12+88=7

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    I posted these numbers before, in wins the offense averaged 37 points and in losses 17, a 20 point difference.

    The offense gets an F when the games meant something. The rest is BS.
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  6. big dog cowboy

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    Good job on both these posts! Quality work and I know a lot appreciate the effort. A LOT!!!
    The only thing you didn't mention was coaching staff. Since a very large majority of them don't work for the Cowboys any more that should explain everything. There is no question the defense and especially the special teams were big contributors to the 8-8 season. But a large amount of blame is on the coaching staff and Jason Garrett in particular. His decisions cost this team W's. At least 2-3. That's the main reason I'm very excited McCarthy is the new HC. He won't make the mistakes the former HC in training did.

    Thanks again for all your time and effort.
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    I thought Jourdan Lewis got exposed this season, he looked terrible, especially against Buffalo.

    and I say that as someone who was screaming at Richard for not playing him.
  8. tyke1doe

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    How does Jaylon get the same grade as LVE when the latter didn't play much of the season?
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    DLaw didnt put up the sack numbers but that deserves a better grade than a c- Id give him a solid B. Sacks werent there but he was all over the field the entire year.
  10. LocimusPrime

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    How did jaylon get a C- ? This is crazy.

    He was definitely a D+ player and they gonna grade him at C- ?

    Something is fishy
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  11. LocimusPrime

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    Bet someone says but Jaylon made the pro bowl.

    Got a G on it
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  12. JayFord

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    Imma skip individual grades and give them all a a D
  13. ghst187

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    Quinn gets a B+
    Lewis gets a B
    Everyone else on D gets an F.
  14. Cas2800

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    Style points for jumping on the pile and giving his swipe like he actually did something. Plus don't you remember the style swag he had when dressing for away games? That rug he was wearing should count for something right?
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  15. Jstopper

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    you’re absolutely out of your mind if you think Byron was a C+ last year
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  16. Blackrain

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    Spot on ,very accurate assessment of the defense
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    Fair points bro. My bad
  18. ItzKelz

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    Probowler Jaylon Smith at that
  19. DeathMonkey

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    The Eagles practice squad scored 17 on the in the game for the division. The defense gets NOTHING but an F.
  20. Bobhaze

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    Good point. I graded LVE based on just his playing time. What’s your grade for LVE?

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