Rock Stars Days are Numbered

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by rags747, Sep 16, 2019.

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    So, other musicians will live forever?
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    The article brought to light all those thoughts that slip silently in the recesses of our minds. I'd prefer they stay there, but they won't.
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    Anytime I see a picture of Willie Nelson or Roger Staubach on someones Instagram feed, my heart immediately drops. I think it is some form of tribute to their death until I read the caption. People get old and death is eventual.
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    What a revelation of an article, many people, who just happen to be in the business of rock music, are approaching that time when many people that age begin to die.

    Quite a few stopped making the same level of music they did that put them on the map but they do and will live on just as all of the great classical composers do......through their art.

    And some in the rock genre have lived fast lives and way too many, unhealthy lives. Lifestyles can change but the damage done is not reversible most of the time. I am kind of amazed that we still have so many still around. I wonder if they've ever tested Keith Richard's or Ozzy's blood to see if it's magic and could cure mankind of all disease?

    As one who has crossed that septuagenarian line, I can tell you this, it is all loss that becomes the reality. Loss and dealing with it becomes the new norm and it certainly isn't the same as losing family or friends but these artists touch our lives and the songwriters do it exceptionally well. When Dan Fogelberg died, I felt I had lost a personal friend, one that knew me well and how to affect me with his words. But his words are still there.

    Eddie Money knew he was leaving but he also knew that upon the news of his passing, people he'd never met would be celebrating his life through his art. He left his mark that can never be erased. And men like Cobain, Cornell and Pennington knew the same thing before ending their own lives and maybe somewhere inside them they felt they'd given all they had to give?
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    I felt like he'd slapped me in the face with those names. I understand the point, but it could be made without the names.
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  7. Runwildboys

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    Exactly. Now imagine being one of those names and reading the article.
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  8. OmerV

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    So, people are more likely to die as they get older …? Who knew?
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  9. YosemiteSam

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    We are all racing to the box!

    That's why you must to live for today!
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    on a long enough timeline
    the survival rate for everyone
    drops to zero

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    Reading some of his other articles and not surprised he would write some nonsense like this. What a tool.
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    Grew up with the Cars and Eddie Money. Blasts from my childhood pasts.
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    Keith Richard doesn't have blood in his veins, he has formaldehyde, lol
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