Twitter: Rookie Tyler Biadasz said his surgically-repaired shoulder is good to go

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 29, 2020.

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    Rookie Tyler Biadasz said his surgically-repaired shoulder is good to go after being able to rehab and workout alone while in Wisconsin in the offseason. He should be among the candidates to replace Travis Frederick at center. I m good to go and I m..." / Twitter
  2. CATCH17

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    I’ll be surprised if Looney doesn’t win this job.

    He’s got some tough competition but the guy is a starting caliber interior player in this league and if he is one of their best then Dallas needs to play him instead of giving him the Ron Leary treatment.
  3. Teague31

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    Give the rookie every snap in TC and roll with him. Looney is JAG
  4. Bullflop

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    It's likely going to be pretty tough for Biadasz to win the C position from the get-go. Let's not be surprised if he's able to take over this year at some point later on. He has a lot to absorb before he's 100% ready in his development. It'll be an interesting challenge for him, though. He'll be closely watched. ;)
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    I'm hoping that one of the young guys - either McGovern or Biadasz can beat out Looney. While Looney is capable and serviceable, he's also upgradable, and not a guy you want starting for you. He lacks the power to get push in the running game and can be overwhelmed by power as a pass blocker as well.
  6. CATCH17

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    I just hope they don't force Connor Williams in somewhere.

    If McGovern and Looney are better then let them play.

    I like Connor Williams but his playstyle does not fit the identity of this football team.

    2014 and 2016 we had Ron Leary in the lineup and we were better for it. Those are 2 of our better running years.

    Connor Williams is just too finesse for my liking. But maybe as he ages he can turn into more of a bully.
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  8. blueblood70

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    what identity 2019 is over and i believe a true moving zone blocking scheme is what MM uses doesnt he? that fit CWill perfectly..
  9. Tangle_Foot

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    This is great news!
    Tyler Biadasz - Remington Award winner and two-time first-team all-big ten is now healthy and good to go. Another great pick up in what looks to be an awesome draft class. I'm glad we have both he and Looney with the departure of Fred-beard. Having both men covers us today and tomorrow, let the battles begin.
  10. Swanny

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    With this off season it will be tough for ANY rookie to step in and be good. This off season is a complete train wreck for rookies. They will have ZERO time to get acclimated to the pro game. I think Looney wins the job because of this.
  11. stasheroo

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    I think the team did him a disservice trying to make a guard out of him. They ended up playing against his strengths (quickness and mobility) and toward his weaknesses (power and anchor).

    I fully expect him to get the start at left guard heading into this season. Based on two factors:
    1. Not having an offseason has put any young player behind the veterans. And the coaches and their evaluation is behind as well, making them more apt to go with the safe bet, even if it's not that safe.
    2. If McGovern is in the mix to start at center, there's likely no challenger for Williams' spot.
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  12. quickccc

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    - while i do want Badazz to start at center -if he is fully healthy,..i would prefer Looney at center than McGovern, who in turn i'd prefer at LG.
    McGovern still does not have any NFL game experience whatsoever, and that's a big learning curve jump at any position, but with all the celebral
    calls that has to be made, McGovern would have to go thru a bigger speed bump learning curve at center than at OG.

    -Badazz who is a natural center who was prolific at that position on a collegiate level. He doesnt; have to learn how to play center, he's
    already excellent at it, and can better off hit the ground running. Ironically i believe Badazz has never missed a college game
    preferring to gut it out with the hip and shoulder issues, which no doubt affected his play to a degree, and so maybe his latter game tape
    wasn't as impressive, thus causing his stock to fall in the NFL draft.

    - Looney at least has veteran NFL game experience and has seen/experience NFL level stunts, games upfront as well as rapport
    with the QB and his fellow linemen. But he can only get you so far and the OL cannot be the best it can be with him at the helm.
    He's decent but he has limitations that eventually get exposed. He's functional until you can upgrade and get better.

    But given the surroundings and limitations of this summer, i'm preparing myself to see Looney start the season at center.
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  13. AsthmaField

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    The 2014 and 2016 running success had more to do with using mostly zone blocking instead of man blocking, than it did with Leary in particular. Running was much more effective in Dallas when they used primarily zone blocking.

    Williams will do better in Philbin’s zone blocking scheme this year than he did in the primarily man blocking the past couple of seasons. His strength is movement and mobility.

    I mean, I don’t love Williams but this blocking scheme will fit him better than last year’s did. He’s not bad but he could lose his spot to McGovern if he isn’t moved to center.
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  14. 12+88=7

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    If Garrett was still the coach, Looney would definitely be the starter.

    But since McCarthy doesn't know the players yet, Baisdaz may have a legit shot.
  15. The Quest for Six

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    I agree with being surprised if he isn't the starter....Looney is a quality backup for three positions along the interior, but i'd say he's a serviceable starter, and letting Ron Leary go was a smart move, he's been injury prone since he left for Denver, missing almost as many as he played for three years.
  16. Redball Express

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    To me..

    his biggest challenge will be making the OL calls if play is changed by the QB.

    Maybe Martin can make the line calls until Badass can get up to speed. Until then..

    Looney has to start it would seem.
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  17. jrumann59

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    Looney when he started for Frederick was not making the calls I believe it was Martin. I also believe they stopped secondary calls for the line with Looney in there.
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  18. Plankton

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    A lot will depend on how ready to go Williams will be coming off of reconstructive knee surgery. He was operated on after Thanksgiving - it's pushing it to think that he will be 100% as camp opens. It also raises questions as to how his football strength/weight will be having to deal with the rehab of the knee injury. I could easily see McGovern beating him out just on the basis of availability and readiness entering camp.
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  19. phildadon86

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    That’s the Garrett special right there. Play your friends not the better player
  20. speedkilz88

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    He hasn't been put on active/pup, which is a surprising but good sign.

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