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Video: Scandrick on the McCarthy hire

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. CB61

    CB61 Zone Supporter

    9,229 Messages
    5,424 Likes Received
    Head coach or Oc I would imagine your tight end coaches don't get to say who plays or not they might have input but obviously no one listened to him
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  2. gmoney112

    gmoney112 Well-Known Member

    11,535 Messages
    15,650 Likes Received
    Where did this Jaston Whitten coach thing even come from?

    I feel like Sexy Rexy is just trying to start his own shtick for his tv gig.
  3. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    33,114 Messages
    26,540 Likes Received
    He's being controversial based on stating facts and his opinion though. Its not like he's saying off the wall stuff he's just not the typical analyst guy. It might work for him.
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  4. KingRah

    KingRah Well-Known Member

    1,270 Messages
    785 Likes Received
    I d love t o as a wr coach. He’d teach them to run routes and stay in shape.
  5. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

    16,069 Messages
    14,790 Likes Received
    I don't believe this Witten nonsense for a second. Jerry specifically avoided hiring a coach with no experience. There gonna do a total 180 and go from MM to Witten.

    Yall are clickbait ******.
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  6. aikemirv

    aikemirv Well-Known Member

    12,601 Messages
    5,526 Likes Received
    That’s pure conjecture on your part and actually goes against what has been stated-hey but that never stopped anybody on conjecture before
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  7. CowboysWillRise

    CowboysWillRise Well-Known Member

    10,969 Messages
    16,052 Likes Received
    I would think so as well. I have to wonder how much he lobbied for Jarwin though. I also have to wonder how much of a liability Jarwins blocking was and if that is the reason he didn't see the field more. Sounds like something Garrett would do.
  8. calicowboy54

    calicowboy54 Well-Known Member

    670 Messages
    395 Likes Received
    OK i have to say something, when you throw in a 2nd year QB that most did not project to do anything in NFL that some say is scatter brained in the pocket and loose with him the 1st year. and then the next year, your QB is going through stuff and pissed off at you yeah those last 2 years sucked. But lets not forget other 3rd string guys that have come in to play and sucked, we've had a few. Im going to give MM a shot. let Nolan fix the Dfense and MM and Kellen put their heads together to come up with awesome plays and let MM call them, since he's had the experience doing so. if we are not in NFCCG or better by year 3 ill be shocked.
  9. BigD_95

    BigD_95 Well-Known Member

    1,219 Messages
    1,063 Likes Received
    That was pathetic. Scandrick is awful on that clip. None of them seem like they even know what they are talking about.
  10. crashintonickdm

    crashintonickdm Well-Known Member

    4,251 Messages
    4,217 Likes Received
    Why’s it bad if witten is a TE coach? He was a HOF TE. If he wants to coach you gotta start somewhere
  11. crashintonickdm

    crashintonickdm Well-Known Member

    4,251 Messages
    4,217 Likes Received
    why not? He knows what it takes since like you said he was a HOF player.

    something insane like offensive coordinator won’t happen. TE coach? Or assistant? Why not? You have to start somewhere.
  12. Eightneight

    Eightneight Well-Known Member

    512 Messages
    441 Likes Received
    If MM wins. There will be no JW at HC.
  13. Valkyr

    Valkyr Well-Known Member

    1,178 Messages
    1,682 Likes Received
    Let him coach at Tennessee then.

    No more of these "get a job because you're buddies with 'ol Jer", I don't care who it is.
  14. DeathMonkey

    DeathMonkey Well-Known Member

    6,377 Messages
    10,793 Likes Received
    I can't watch the video and say Scandrick was wrong about anything he said regarding McCarthy. That he'd need to see what staff was chosen (especially defense staff). Heck, he even called Richard maybe coming back and now there's a thread about that.

    Regardless of what people think he is or is not, Scandrick doesn't look wrong about this so far.
    rocyaice likes this.
  15. nightrain

    nightrain Since 1971

    6,628 Messages
    10,957 Likes Received
    TBD. Not based upon playing prowess.
  16. atlantacowboy

    atlantacowboy Zone Supporter

    9,427 Messages
    12,787 Likes Received
    So, Nolan was a Jerry hire? You gotta be kidding. McCarthy actually likes Kellen Moore.
  17. CB61

    CB61 Zone Supporter

    9,229 Messages
    5,424 Likes Received
    No way of knowing unless somebody speaks about it that's part of the problem here everybody has thoughts but we have no clue if they're even close to being correct or not and that includes me when I post because we just don't know and when we are told are we to believe it?
    CowboysWillRise likes this.
  18. JMPearson

    JMPearson Well-Known Member

    875 Messages
    764 Likes Received
    Coaching is coaching, relating to players, willing to adapt, putting players in position to succeed, being organized, being honest with you players and have the ability to judge talent.
  19. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    23,975 Messages
    10,532 Likes Received
    Eh, I think a lot of teams in the NFL would hire Witten as the TE coach. There's really nobody more qualified.
  20. Hadenough

    Hadenough Well-Known Member

    5,191 Messages
    5,656 Likes Received
    That was made clear when Jerry has McCarthy stay at his house.

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