Sean McVay is what we wanted JG to be

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by kuyyo_morro, Jan 21, 2019.

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    I agree that it hasn't been all good or all bad with Garrett. We live in a world of extremes when the truth is generally somewhere in between.

    I think Garrett is a good motivator. I think he's good at providing structure. I think he's good at establishing a process for building with youth (although I haven't agreed with the idea that you can't supplement that process with a few great pieces to move it along at a faster pace.)

    My main problems with him are his offensive philosophy and his game management. These two aspects of his coaching hold us back.

    Essentially, Garrett is the opposite of Wade Phillips. Phillips is a great defensive mind who can't run a team. Garrett is a so-so offensive mind who can. The only hope we have left with Garrett is that Dallas turns the offense over to a great offensive mind and allows him to just be a manager-type coach instead of a system coach. It cannot be another situation where we bring in an OC who then has to meld his system with Garrett's philosophy.
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    Because you're a hypocrite, you said McVay did so much vs as staff as a huge victory and indication that made them much better than our staff, yet you downplayed what our staff did vs the nfl's best team's staff.
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    I did admit that mcvay has coached them well. I did clearly mention they didn't need to rebuild, just rescheme. That's exactly what he did. that's exactly what he needed. I never said McVay wasn't a better coach. I just mentioned that he is not necessarily a miracle worker and that he has a lot of talent he is working with, but given the talent he has, he made it work. what's so hard for you to understand that?
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    Talent can do that.....
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    jerry is the problem. jerry has always been the problem. jerry will continue to be the problem, with this coach, previous coach, the coach before that and the one before that. as long as there is jerry, not even the great bilicheck would find success. jerry hasnt' done his job as a GM. he has failed and failed miserably. over and over and over and over again.
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    no doubt...but who is the next McVay? this is not about garrett.... list the names, lets track their careers and lets see how people do. almost everyone scratched their head when McVay was hired. now, everyone is madly in I said, hindsight is 20/20
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    We won’t know if we never try.
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    Outside of finding a real coach to coach this thing I don't see Jerry as some major problem anymore.

    Garrett has had what he needs to succeed and skipping Free Agency is something that it seems like the entire organization is on board with.
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    9 years? Are you forgetting the 4 years he was OC? Its being like 14 years and counting.
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    Both Rams and the EaGirls went/going to the SB two years after hiring a new coach. And we are still stuck in mud with the Clapper.
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    we tried with garrett and got average results...we need to try the next. Jerry worries me
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    I will give the rams their due their coach is good too bad their QB is a fraud and needs his HC to talk him through his reads during the game during the snap.
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    Yup. What is there more to say about this beside JG not being more innovative on offense? ​
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    It will never happen, JG and this entire staff need replacing. The scheme and playbook are outdated. I sometimes wonder if he's afraid of change because he would not want to offend his buddy Jimmy Johnson. Is this not Johnsons playbook and scheme for the most part.

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