Some sheer genius thoughts to help Dak in today's game

Reverend Conehead

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Losing SUCKS! It was no fun seeing my Cowboys lay an egg last week. I hope today against the Chargers, things will be different. Here's what I want to see in the game:

1. I hope we score more points than they do. If you score more points than the other team, that's good because then you win. But if the bad guys score more points than you do, that's bad because then they win.
2. I hope that when our guy throws the ball up that a guy on our team catches it. If a guy on our team catches it, that's good because then we might win. However, if a bad guy catches it, that's bad because then they might win. Har-hum, Dak, throw the ball to one of our guys, not to one of the bad guys. If the guy is wearing the same color jersey as you, he's a good guy, so throw it to him. If he's wearing a different color jersey, he's a bad guy. Don't throw it to him. Thanks.
3. I hope that, when the other team's kick guy kicks the ball to us that our guy catches it and he runs real fast and they can't catch him.

I'm thinking that my sheer genius points might be helpful, so I've sent them to Coach McCarthy. Now, if the Cowboys win, you can thank me because I shared these extremely helpful ideas in which I demonstrate that I understand the complex nuances of the game.

Yes, I know that some people who root for other teams might read this, and here's one important thing that you need to know: You're a comyanist.

All right, let's hope we have a better football day.


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Tony Romo: "It's a game that's happening today, let's go"​