"Somebody pass the Mad Dog!"

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by erod, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Well, since what the GM drinks during a game is of so vital importance to you, and since 31 other GMs don't do it based on your extensive knowledge and research, maybe you should be a fan of one of the other 31 teams. In case you haven't figured it out by now, no one is forcing you to be a Cowboy fan. You are free to change anytime. I'm guessing New England would welcome you with open arms especially after the ridiculously poor offseason they had and equally poor-looking draft. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what their GM drinks. So, you're on your own with that.

    Here's a novel idea for you: judge a GM on the talent on the field and not by what he is drinking.
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    Please remember that a glass of bad white wine is probably half the price at that stadium that it is in Arlington. Jerry was just loading up on a good deal. I'm sure he grabbed a few for the road, too.
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    Do you mean you want Jerry to evaluate the players instead of JG? I was under the impression pre season games were so the COACH could evaluate players. I guess on a perfectly run team the owner watches closely with binoculars, takes notes then goes n tells the coach what to do. But that would be meddling LOL guess you got him if does that too.

    It just speaks to the delusion of the fan.
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    Mad Dog or Chardonnay. Pretty easy choice in my opinion.
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    Some people start threads to ruffle feathers some people make sure they're seen drinking a glass of wine to ruffle those peoples feathers.
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    I don't agree with Erod at all, but I'm tired if this "choose another team" rhetoric. Many fans were fans before Jerry and will be after. The Cowows are bigger than one person. You're suggesting he be a bandwagon fan?!
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    I think this is a little bit of a stretch who cares what he was doing in his box at the game..... He doesn't even have to watch the game live to evaluate talent because of this new invention called video tape, I heard only a few teams use it these days but based on Jerry enjoying himself during the game last night I'd say he is one who has this futuristic technology...

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    If you really hated to be a sourpuss this morning, you would have refrained from posting this (silly) thread.

    Someone had to say it.
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    Yes the HoF game which is nothing more than a JV game for most teams. Starters get on the field to stretch. Beyond that all it is, is a chance to see 2nd, 3rd and PSers playing the game at game speed.
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    Yes, Jerry does a lot of things that warrant criticism. However...

    It's hard to answer those questions because we rarely see other GM's during their games. They show Jerry a lot. Besides, it's more effective to evaluate on film than it is during the actual game anyway. And if he wants to cheer because a guy he just drafted scored on an INT return, I'm not going to crticize him for that.
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    He was drinking in the box and that pisses you off? Seriously back away from the ledge, push away from the computer and the TV, and find an actual life.

    This rant is about the saddest thing I've seen in regards to someone who hates Jerry. With so many actual things to hate about the guy and the job he does with the Cowboys and this is the crap that is posted to be complained about?

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