Son had a motorcycle wreck

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Later this month, first anniversary for our teenage son.

cowpolk, just remember you are not alone.

I also completely understand about people saying how sorry they are gets old very fast.

Also remember, people deal with grief in different ways, being that if your married, you need to work through everything together (something like this can either make a marriage stronger or whittle it down to the bones).

One of the best things I did was talk to a man who lost his own son some time ago. When you talk with people who have lost a child, they KNOW what you go through themselves. We were both kind of numb for about a month after our own loss.

My only words of advise is just remember it will NEVER leave you. Sad to say, the best you work for is to manage your emotions and it does get better. Remember that, and from my own experience, you manage the grief better. Thought I was doing good 8 months later, and it call came back due to an experience, and went back to sobbing like a baby in that moment. Hard to explain, totally different than losing a parent.
Many words of wisdom their, thanks for sharing.
Our Faith in Jesus is what got us through.
It does get better, but sometimes it's one step back , then 2 steps forward.


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Am going to the court proceedings Wednesday do not know what charges will be filed if any. It is post office attorneys against my grand kids and family I hope it ends on Wednesday I'm tired of it
I hope that whatever the outcome is, it's something that can give your family some semblance of peace. Best of luck, my friend.