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Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by FiveRings, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Let me lead off this thread by saying this, I've been thinking to make this thread for a few days now, the recent developments of McCray being guaranteed a roster spot, and us trading for a ST veteran aren't the influence of this thread, though they certainly do their job to prove a point.

    The point of this thread, is that while I'm extremely optimistic about this year, I think special teams will be the newest thing in the trend of what keeps us an average team this year. It started in the preseason, for me, while through all five games, not only were our special teams stagnant, they were at times reckless and cost us games. Of course they were exhibition games, they didn't mean anything, but if similar mistakes translate to the next stretch of 16 games, we're in trouble.
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    I don't see much to be optimistic about. Even if Tony has a great year and throws mostly to his teammates, I don't anticipate a strong running game with this OL or good pass protection.

    I think those who are high on the defense are delusional. It's not easy to shift from 4-3 to 3-4, and the reverse is true as well. The 4-3 is going to be a work in progress. We are moving two OLBs to DE for the first time in their NFL careers, and if they are okay, we have nothing behind them. We are also unimpressive at DT and very thin at CB and LB.

    It will take some special attention to get this D to championship quality...attention that is still needed on our putrid OL.
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    very special teams

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