Spurs do it again


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I think I read that after this draft, the Spurs still have 12 1st round picks over the following 5 years. That Murray trade to the Hawks is about on par with the Herschal Walker trade. They can build however they want to build, they can draft more young guys, they can bundle picks and trade for vets, they have a ton of of cap space for a high end FA. The Spurs know how to tank, they don't do it often, but when they do, they do it right.
A lot of bad luck recently… Kawhi and his money grubbing family, Demarcus Aldridge’s illness, our first rounder cut because he liked to ”Deshaun Watson” the team masseuse…. But the team was always good enough to still get a late Playoff shot. I’m glad they finally said %@!* it and went for it all.