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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Wolf2k5, Dec 8, 2019.

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    My wife and I are heading to the Rams game next week and got Standing room only tickets. Any tips for getting a good place to stand? Do you have to show up really early to lock a place down? Is it fairly lenient? Just looking for advice you’d wish you’d known before going
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    Get the United Membership which is 20 bucks and this allows you to enter the stadium 30 minutes before it opens for everyone else. If you wait till they officially open for everyone the party pass people take of running to find a spot so unless you wanna run I would advise the membership. I have season tickets and they give me United for free and sometimes we go early to avoid waiting in line. The stadium will open at 1pm this weekend but if you have United you can enter at 1230. They have one entry point off to the side in each plaza. Make sure once you sign up you keep the digital membership card they send to your email because you will have to show it to security for entry. Hope this helps.
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