State of this OL and going forward

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyChris, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. CowboyChris

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    With the enormous amount of resources invested in this OL, Is it time to rebuild this OL?

    I'm not an expert of OL play, but this year we haven't been able to run the ball, so we haven't been able to control the clock and games, which has forced us to pass more, and keep our defense out there more.

    just my brief thoughts:

    Tyron is past his prime, and is a penalty magnet
    Connor Williams is a bust
    Frederick is not himself, I saw us better with Looney last year than Frederick this year
    Martin is still playing at a high level
    Collins is out of position, but serviceable as an OT

    what say you?
  2. Captain-Crash

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    change the scheme back to running, get a real offensive line coach and let dak throw his short passes will make the offensive line look better.
  3. basstapp

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    Tyrons penalties have been mostly phantom calls
    Connor williams is not as bad as people say
    Tfred has struggled a lot by his year, but with another year in recovery i would guess he will be back in form

    Martin is great, but has had some struggles
    Collins is one of the best rt in the league.
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  4. CowboyChris

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    so in your opinion the OL is good going forward?
  5. basstapp

    basstapp Well-Known Member

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    Yep, i wouldnt say its an area of concern. Im more worried about the defense.
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  6. jazzcat22

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    Not sure if it is the OL underperforming, or if it is the scheme or just still too predictable play calling, coaching. Probably a bit of all of it. Mostly out dated schemes and predictable play calling.
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  7. charron

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    seems some fans require all pro at every position or they are busts. We may no longer have a top 3-5 OL unit but they are still well above average and probably still in the top 10. You miss big on your eval of connor and collins, but i'd agree fred and martin are not playing well at all.
  8. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

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    Add in this is Colombo's 1st time being in charge of the OL.
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  9. Captain-Crash

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    who's the offensive line coach?
  10. 2288doubletrouble

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    I think Fredrick will be better next year. Expecting him to go right back to his all pro level after missing a year with a pretty serious disease was a lot to ask for. Martin will be fine he has been playing with a banged up back. Collins has been one of the best RT’s. Tyron Smith is still playing at a high level. I just think they need to upgrade the left guard position with a road grader type. Martin and Fredrick will be healthier next year. A few minor tweaks and a real coaching staff should have this o-line back to top form next year.
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  11. LatinMind

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    Think the only spot Dallas needs to get is its Swing Tackle. Draft a guy to come and develop into that next LT. They have Mitch Hyatt on the practice squad too.

    Tyron Smith, i have said i think he needs a yr away from the game. That wont happen and he has the same back injury every yr. Is he affraid of surgery? Think Dallas needs to start looking for his replacement.

    Connor Williams, he has his moments where he looks really bad, but he's improved alot. Just doesnt have the strength for the inside. He might be the next LT. He is nowhere near a bust tho.

    Travis Frederick, He's not back to 100% but he is clearly better then anything Looney did last yr. To even say the team played better with Looney is just ridiculous.

    Zack Martin, He has suffered from a bad back this yr. He's been getting pushed around alot this yr. He'll be back to normal next yr but he's gonna be 30 next yr. He's actually older than Tyron.

    La'el Collins, Has been Dallas' best lineman this yr. Dallas made a great deal in extending him this offseason.

    Connor McGovern, Looking forward to seeing McGovern and Williams compete for the LG spot next yr.

    Cameron Fleming, He has a club option for 2020 which i dont think Dallas picks up.

    Joe Looney, I would try to bring him back for 2020 but i think some team is going to give him starter money.

    Adam Redmond,
    Think he will get tendered and take Looneys spot.

    Brandon Knight, Dont think he makes it out of TC next yr.

    Xavier Su'a Filo, With McGovern back in 2020 theres no need for Filo anymore.
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  12. stasheroo

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    I understand your reason for concern and it is valid, but your individual player assessments feel exaggerated and over the top. It's not quite as bad as you're trying to paint it.
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  13. Creeper

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    I agree with you about Tyron. He is not the same player. A lot of the penalties against him have been BS but its undeniable that he struggles against speed rushers now and get into positions where refs think he's committing penalties. He is still young though. He will be 29 in a few days. What we don't know is the extent of his injuries or the prognosis for recovery. Does he have bad knees that will be a problem from the rest of his career hampering his lateral mobility? If yes, then it would be wise to prepare for his replacement.

    I am not calling Connor Williams a bust just yet. I think he got a bad rap last year and people are picking on him this year. He still needs to get stronger but he could be the best Cowboys blocker on the move and in space. I'd give him another year and let him compete Connor McGovern for the job.

    Travis Frederick has been a weak link in the OL all year and I have watched enough "tape" to see it. Its not that he is terrible, he just hasn't been good. But I have hear others who have had GB say it takes a long time to recover and it could be Frederick is still not fully recovered.

    Zack Martin is fine. La'el Collins started out really strong and has faded a little since his injuries. Again, no know the extent of this injuries its impossible to say if he will come back stronger next year.

    I think the Cowboys have bigger problems. I don't have a problem with using 3rd and 4th round picks to draft offensive linemen, unless a solid LT falls to them in the first round of the draft, but this team needs a DT and a Safety badly. Given that A. Woods, Bennett, Ross, Covington, and M. Collins are all free agents at the end of this season, they need to come up with a plan for the position. Heath, Anthony Brown and Byron Jones are also free agents at the end of this season. In fact the Cowboys have players who will be free agents and another dozen the following year. More than half their roster will need to be signed over the next two off-seasons.
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  14. stasheroo

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    I openly question whether or not Colombo is a good enough coach.
  15. Future

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    If you think the issue running the ball is with the OL and not the coaching, you're wrong. The Cowboys are averaging 4.6 ypc, ranks 7th.

    The problem is that the defense knows exactly what the offense is going to do on every play. It's impossible to win in that scenario. This OL would be the best in the league - by a mile - if they had any ability to keep defenses guessing.
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  16. Dunks3001

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    I remember when they drafted Smith the experts said Dallas had it's LT for the next 10 years. Well, it's been about 9 years so far. So the shelf life is expiring. Dallas would be wise to start looking for a new LT sooner than later.
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  17. Tussinman

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    I would say at very worst there fringe elite.

    Passing is #1, running is #7. Pressures and sack are down from last year. Zack Martin is rated almost 10 points higher this year than he did last year (impressive considering he made first team all-pro last year). He is currently ranked the #1 RG in the NFL and #3 overall guard

    Tyron (despite having his ankle shattered by Dak) is ranked higher than 7 out of the 8 left tackles that have made the pro bowl in the last 2 last years. He's arguably the 2nd best left tackle in th entire NFC. La'els career literally turned around this season and he's a top 5 RT (impressive considering he was one of the biggest question marks coming into this season)

    There not the 2016 unit that was by far the best unit in the entire NFL but there still a damn good high level unit
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  18. Tussinman

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    NFC wise Leno, Whitworth, and Bakhirati all are rated lower than Tyron and all have more penalities than him. Brown, Staley, and Amstead are all injured. Trent Williams refused to play this year for Washington (sitting out).

    I literally just named all the NFC LT pro bowlers from the last 2 season and none of them are healthy or playing better Tyron.

    Tyron is arguably the 2nd best LT in the entire NFC and people are crying about replacing him because he's not as good as he was in 2016....... (lol).
  19. MyFairLady

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    The O line may not be the dominant force that we had hoped given that we sunk all of our draft picks into it then suck all of our cap space into it. Having said that it is functional and good enough to win with. There are much bigger issues.
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  20. Tussinman

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    Exact this.

    There not the clear cut #1 in the league unit like they where in 2014/2016 but let's be real, there at very worst a fringe top 5 unit.

    The offensive line being a fringe top 5 unit like you said is not a concern and there's 25 bigger issues with the team than o-line

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